Sprinkler - Smart Schedule - not using all zones & scheduling two weekds out

Smart Schedule not working (using Beta App btw). Delete all schedules, new smart schedule, accept defaults (or don’t - it doesn’t make a difference), and the new schedule is only for a few of the zones 11 days out.

Probably making those determinations based on variety of things. Soil moisture levels, weather (if Sprinkler PLus is activated), soil type, etc.

First thing I would do is go through all the zones one by one and make sure all your soil and sprinkler settings are correct or as close to as possible. From there you could over ride the current soil moisture level as well and see if the smart schedule changes.

Lastly otherwise in the Smart Schedule you can remove skips one at a time and see which one ends up making a difference. My bet is on soil moisture or rain.

Unfortunately, you can’t disable skips for rain or saturation, the option is always greyed out. I also believe Sprinkler Plus is responsible, but find it difficult to believe that it is skipping all zones for the next two weeks. I don’t believe the information is that accurate, nor should Wyze be using it that far out in their scheduling. You most likely can go into each individual zone and override saturation to 0, but that is not really a good solution.

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