Wyze Sprinkler Smart Scheduling incorrect

I’ve recently ran into issues with the smart scheduling where the forecast is way off for my location. Ex. - the forecast says rain for the next 3 to 4 days, but checking other weather forecast like weather.com or local sources there’s no rain in the forecast at all. In turn, this keeps the schedule way off and the lawn doesn’t get watered properly. I’ve had to resort manually scheduling which is what I don’t want to do. It defeats the purpose of why I went with Wyze’s Sprinkler system in the first place.

Has anyone else had problems with Smart Scheduling?

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I get no weather forecast in the sprinkler control anymore at all. Just blank space where the 5-day forecast used to be. Last sprinkler run was on 7/6 and considering the recent weather, it feels another one is overdue.

Interesting. I do get a weather forecast, but it’s mainly been incorrect. I’m thinking that the weather info Wyze is using only takes into account the overall forecast. Example…if a day says there’s a 50% chance of rain, then it doesn’t schedule the sprinklers. But…that 50% might only be at 7pm that night for only an hour or less. It’s not like it’s a 50% chance all day long. I don’t think Wyze uses the weather forecast in detail, just a broad range overview basically.

Same here, it doesn’t show anything in 5-day forecast. I have also lost the soil moisture map it used to show when I click on zones.

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I have the same issue, where the 5 Day weather no longer appears.
What is the best method to correct this?

For those who may run across the same issue when the forecast disappears, discovered that my map location was inaccurate/disconnected.
In the Wyze Sprinkler app:

  • find and tap ‘location’
  • on the map, tap the ‘find me’ icon or enter your address
  • Tap ‘Save’
  • Forecast is back and schedule is activated

This worked for me, let’s see if it keeps up. I read on Wyze app 3.0 forum that, beta testers have similar issues with 5-day forecast and soil moisture disappearing. They think it might be some backend issue.