Wyze Sprinkler Controller Firmware Beta Test 4/21/2021


  • 1.0.3


  • Fixed a bug that interfered with physical button function
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Really would like to see some better feedback implemented. For the most part its a guessing game as to why the controller takes certain actions and would be very helpful to know what made it behave that way.

Also seems to be very little additional development happening on this product. Are there future goals or points that are being worked towards in terms of firmware?

Thanks for update! I was part of testing of the sprinkler pre-release. One thing that I had hoped would be updated was the calendar portion of the app. It will say “default schedule finished Wednesday” BUT it doesn’t say which Wednesday!! I.e. 3/24 or 4/14. Needs a date attached IMO. Also - Hoping this update will fix the connectivity of sprinkler - it has worked as per schedule and has 3 bars of connectivity but since prior update my deco mesh system states it has disconnected randomly 3-5x per day.

There are a few of us on the Facebook page that can’t update the firmware on our sprinkler controller. It keeps asking for an update but nothing happens.

I tried resetting and removing it but all that did was remove or deactivate sprinkler plus and now I can’t get it to activate sprinkler plus or update the firmware still.

Any tips on how to update the firmware? It’s stuck at 0.2.6

Thank you!

Yikes! Sounds like an issue for Wyze support. A new update just came out today which is 1.0.4. My first update failed when I attempted to update from Account-Firmware Update… but when I went into the sprinkler itself and hit update - it worked. Good luck and send in a log from the app itself or chat with support?

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