Wyze Sprinkler Controller Firmware 1.0.7 Released - 3/10/22

Hi, everyone!

We have a pretty important update for Wyze Sprinkler Controller. Firmware 1.0.7 fixes a bug that caused watering to stop shortly after it started. Thank you to the folks that worked with us to diagnose this issue! :cloud_with_rain:

Read our Release Notes:


Is that grass even real? :green_heart:

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This new firmware isn’t recognized in the current official app or in the beta (Android). Is that getting addressed soon I hope? (App thinks 1.0.4 is the latest.) Really hope this new firmware helps with watering stopping shortly after starting.


Support let me know there was this update on the release notes & firmware page:

Note: This firmware is halted because it appears to have not fixed the watering issue. We are continuing to investigate this problem.