Wyze Sprinkler Totally Unusable

Wyze Sprinkler Controller simply doesn’t work.

Running latest firmware and latest app.

If you have a master valve the sprinklers will never turn on. The master valve just opens and shuts immediately. This is because the controller only provides around a second or two of current to the valve before stopping current resulting in the valve opening and immediately closing.

If you remove the master valve from the system you end up with a problem where the zones will turn on but will never turn off. Basically watering indefinitely until manual intervention is done to turn off the zone by disconnecting power to the zone or by disconnecting power to the entire device.

Great looking device but totally useless as basic manual watering even directly from the device doesn’t work. I have 3 of these and they all behave the same so it’s not an isolated issue either sadly.

This seems to be related to the bug in firmware 1.0.7 which is still not resolved for me in 1.0.10, need a way to run older firmware on this as I feel firmware 1.0.4 would work

I am sorry this is happening and I will run the issue up to the team.

Willing to even try out beta firmware if available, logged a support ticket with log ids for two controllers support ticket is 2404819.

Log IDs are 735973 and 736903

Thank you I will pass this info up also.

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Sorry about the delay in getting back to you, they are looking into the logs and a support ticket has been created, I will get you more info when I have it.