Wyze Buds Pro - Single ear bud replacement

First off I want to say how much I love my Wyze Bud Pros! I purchased a pair as soon as they released.
Had them for almost two years with no issues.
Last week I used them and noticed the right bud was very warm, almost hot. Now I cannot get the right earbud to pair. It looks fully charged when in the case. However, it has a gray cloud outline with a line through it when it is out of the case. I have deleted them through the Wyze app numerous times and re-paired with no success. I did notice that in the settings for the pro buds a link for Lost An Earbud? When selected, the next page has two options, to “Get My Replacement” or “Activate Replacement”. When I choose Get My Replacement, it goes to a blank App shop page that never loads. (Screenshots uploaded for reference)

How would I go about getting a single replacement? I know its not covered by the manufacturers warranty. I would love to find a way to just buy a single replacement so that I can go back to audio bliss.

Thank you!

I am sorry that isn’t working. I would try contacting support and see if they can help.

Wyze Suuport


I had the same issue. After a short wait – less than one minute – I’m otp with Wyze support @ 1 206 339-9646. Sounds like a known issue within the app. While otp the support rep sent an email to me with a request for a screenshot of the “Device Info” screen within the Wyze app. After verifying my info they’re sending a replacement as a one time courtesy. I expected a charge of some sort so am very pleasantly surprised !! Good job, Wye !!