Ear bud tip replacements

PLEASE wyze, help us out here.

I bought my son a pair of earbuds for Christmas, and like kids do, he just lost one of the rubber tip inserts.
I was on a chat a few days ago with wyze and they said “No, we dont sell replacements”

This is just not acceptable. You pay 50-80$ for a pair of buds (which we both like btw) only to be completely incapable of using them when you lose 1 single tiny piece of silicone.

So now I am sitting on a worthless piece of tech because I cant buy a 2 cent replacement part… Please fix this.
Ive purchased over 2000$ worth of wyze gear over the years… This is NOT how you treat customers. This is extortion.

Ear bud tips are pretty universal and there are a lot of distributors you can purchase replacements from. The one “gotcha” I would be mindful of is the fit in the charging case.

Here is a pack I have used as replacements, there is a large assortment of styles and sizes for a reasonable price.

Even though the Wyze Pro Buds speaker is oval the round fitting on the tip does fit over them.

There is also a Wishlist item out there for Wyze Replacement tips

I also tested a number of other styles with the Wyze Pro Buds. Starting here reading down.


ive tried 4 different ones on amazon and none of them work with the case… rendering them useless… do the ones above you linked actually work with the case>? these are wyze buds, not pro

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My apologies, I thought I saw pro in your message. But yes these do fit in the buds case well.

I have a large ear canal and the supplied tips rarely fit to my comfort. I bought this set because they have a larger mm tip in the variations.

Here you can see the buds with replacements from this set, fit and case fit.