Comply Foam Tips for Wyze Buds Pro

Not a fan of silicone tips. Has anyone found Comply foam tips that fit the Wyze Buds Pro? They aren’t listed on the Comply site.

Thanks in advance!

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Good day @aboczsr.

I am not familiar with the comply brand but I did a bit of testing with a number of tips

Based on what I looked at I am sure the tips will fit on the buds if they have the standard size connector. the case will be the challenge, but It looks like the comfort TSs series might be your best bet to fit in the case

I may have to get a set of these myself. Thanks for your post.


I’m all about comply tips as well. I even tried some AirPods pro tips I bought my kids, but the oval connector seems to be the issue. I’ve contacted Comply to see - they generally do create for all connectors at some point. I’m loving these Wyze so far - I think foam tips would take them all the way for sound isolation. I was using old Beats X with comply tips and they did great at mower isolation. Wyze gave a good isolation, considering, but again the foam should help considerably.

Thanks for the reply, I also contacted Comply and they responded that they don’t have any tips yet that fit the Wyze Buds Pro. Maybe if enough people ask they will make them. I like the Buds too, but the silicone tips allow the Buds to shift over time such they don’t make a good seal and the bass and ANC suffers. Cheers!

Thanks for the reply, oddly enough the memory foam tips you tested were Comply tips. I may have check put the TS series you mentioned though. They do seem to be a good bet for fitting in the case.

Ha! It totally got passed me,… I think because the form factor of the ones I got were more elongated where the ones I was looking at based on your suggestion of comply were rounded when I went to the website. Just happened to be a random pair I got off of Amazon.

Does anyone know what the “size” is that someone would look for to order generic replacement silicone Buds Pro tips please? What would I search term would I use to purchase from, say, Amazon please? Are the tips generally generic for other manufacturers too? Thank you.

“Silicon Earbud Tips” is what I have used.

Generally they are Small, Medium, and Large sizes… some are XL (which is what I use and I know as 14mm)

There are a few devices like the Air Pods that use a specific connector and tip shape, but for the most part they are pretty standard.

I reviewed a number tips in this thread starting here

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Thanks for the follow-up! Too bad they wouldn’t fit in the case.


I just tried the Comply foam tips on my Wyze Bud Pros and unfortunately, they do not fit. Obviously, they were designed for Apple AirPod Pros, so I can’t say that I’m entirely surprised by this.

Thought I would mention in case anyone else was planning on purchasing these for their Wyze Bud Pros.

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