Buds Pro Ear Tips/Cups/Foam Tips

I would like to see a larger selection of ear bud cups available for purchase. One of my buds falls out of my ear regardless of the size I use of the provided ear cups.
Any one else have this problem?

@R.Good mentioned experiencing this when he received his and he was looking into some options. I recommend reading from at least here down in this thread:

Seriously go to that thread and read the next several posts and it will give you some ideas. He did some good testing and reviewing on what he found to work for him with the same issue and gave several suggestions and recommendations to others asking about this. Others chimed in as well with things they tried successfully. Still, this wishlist item could be helpful for Wyze to consider providing their own solution for people who want larger options.

I hope that helps. :slight_smile:

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Man, I was just bringing that exact link, lol. You beat me to it! :grin:

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Hello, I know I have very large ear canals. My buds pro largest size silicon tips are not able to securely hold them in place for long periods of time. I would like to see a larger size available for order if possible.

Bud Pro foam tips

Please offer foam ear tips for the Bud Pro’s. Because of the oval nozzel there are no 3rd party foam tips available. The largest silicone tip that comes with the Bud Pro’s are not big enough.

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