WYZE Buds Pro - First Impression

I’ll try that, thanks for the tip!


Haven’t received mine yet and I backed the day of release I’m getting so bummed! Hoping for some kind of email soon.

Also I didn’t realize I was suppose to get stickers for all these preorders :sweat_smile: but probably for the best, my toddlers get excited about two things Wyze packages and Amazon…oops!


Yep……I’d be happy to comment, but I can’t even get an email telling me they’ve been shipped. And I, too, ordered on 05/11.

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Two comments about the earbuds. Took them on a bike ride yesterday with mild breeze. Occasionally wind would gust and while in Transparency mode, wind noise overpowered the music. Came through very loud. My AirPods filter the wind better. Also cost four times as much. Second thing. They default to ANC after I turn them off. When I turn them back on, I feel like I’m in a void. The silence is deafening! Wish they would stay in mode they were turned off in.

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Received mine last week but wasn’t home to get them until yesterday. I was a little concerned based on comments about the ear fit, as I have also struggled with finding good-fitting earbuds and typically need the largest ear tips. I prefer buds and noise-cancelling headphones in particular, but haven’t made the leap to cordless NC buds yet as I just could not stomach what Apple wanted for their pros. I run on a treadmill most mornings and use ear buds all day long for zoom calls.

  • Fit - I was delighted - and a little surprised - when then buds sealed right out of the box. I tried the larger ones, but didn’t see much difference and went back to the default medium. With that, I find the seal to be solid and noise-cancelling to work quite well. I ran 40 minutes on the treadmill this AM with no issues, slippage, etc and plenty of sweat :slight_smile:

  • Noise-cancelling. During my treadmill run and in other ad-hoc tests I found with a good fit they cancelled virtually all of the treadmill and other background noise. What snuck through was buried under what I was listening to. I was surprised they even cancelled some TV noise which isn’t always the case. Most importantly, they’re definitely effective to the point where I don’t need to listen at a high volume which my aging ears appreciate. I didn’t do an on-the-spot comparison with my over-ear Wyze headhones, but I will at some point. Still, the tradeoff of not having a cord when running (and not having the weight of the full over-ear Wyze headphones) make it well worth the tradeoff. They seemed perfect for the task for me.

  • Sound - The sound is definitely bass-heavy in general but not terribly so. I definitely prefer the overall eq mix on these over and above the Wyze Headphones - which I find to be muddier in the bass. I agree with an earlier poster that I couldn’t tell any difference with the bass booster setting on or off. Still, having a headphone specific EQ like the Wyze Headphones have would be a nice touch.

  • Connecting - no problem connecting with iPhone, iPad and Macbook. First firmware upgrade took a few minutes but completed without issue (the way we like them).

  • Configuring - I like the configurability of the tap controls, but I found using a single tap for play/pause would sometimes start audio again as I was putting them back in the case. It’d be nice if they could distinguish that from a true “tap” but that’s a very small nit. Looking forward to Alexa integration.

  • Case - I didn’t have any problem getting them in or out, but perhaps because I’ve used the standard Apple Airpods for so long. Charging worked fine both with the wired USB-C cable that came with it and with a charging pad. I look forward to getting a silicon slip-over case that I can attach to a tether in my pocket to keep from losing them (voice of experience from running with my Airpods case untethered)

They’ll get daily use from here on out and will be my goto headphones for running, so I’ll report back on anything else I find. But so far, very happy with them - especially for the price!

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Oh man!!!

Ok so you probably all read my sealing issue above. I have ordered a set of replacements, 32 pieces of silicon in various sizes going up to 14mm for 7 bucks… I also ordered a set of memory foam tips XL for 20 dollars just to see if there is any more comfort with memory foam. I will update when those come in.

But, I tried looking for tips that specifically had an oval shaped speaker, this was a challenge and I didn’t really find any.

A friend (@spamoni4 )suggested I just try to replace the WYZE tips with the Echo bud Gen2 tips early on and I kinda wrote it off because of the speaker shape difference even though rubberized.

Well I got a little crazy and tried it anyway and HOLY CRAP… the ANC is mind boggling good, the sound quality got even better including the bass. It is bass you can darn near feel and this is the first time I have ever said that about a pair of wireless buds. Im not talking 4 12in JL audios with an alpine v12 amp bumping munchies for your bass in a well sealed box in the trunk, but just about the best bass these ears have ever heard come out of a pair of buds at this price or any price for that matter.

For my large eared friends you may hear a whole new world if you change your tips. As mentioned when the new ones come in I will post which and links and if they made a difference.

Well done WYZE, you have in my opinion shook up the market indeed with these gems. Now the test is in lifespan. I’ll be working them out and hope I don’t wash them on accident as this has been my number one wireless bud killer.

Lighting for pictures complements of the WYZE floor lamp😀


Nice unboxing and first look video from a fellow community member @sriggs747


I got my new bud tips in a quickly gave them a test with the ANC sitting next to a fan. My results in short and as I found with the previous test… round earbuds (14mm) fit my ears the best and provide me with the the best experience using the WYZE Buds Pro

These are the two tips I ordered
A variety pack the multiple sizes and two types. Rounded and coned 7.00 dollars

And XL memory foam tips 20.00 dollars


I went directly to the largest size and had great results ANC was great drowning out the majority of the white noise (much more the the tips provided), quality was excellent and they are comfortable. They also fit in the case.


These had about the same results as the tips provided with the WYZE Buds Pro. ANC was evident but not great, I could still here my fan very well, quality was ok but the sound around me dampened the quality. They were comfortable but felt loose. And worst of all… do not fit in the case.

Memory Foam

I really wanted to love these but they were all around just bad in terms of ANC and overall sound. The fit and comfort was outstanding but the memory foam seems to allow everything in vs silicon. This was surprising to me considering they are like earplugs. ANC was the worst with these tips. They also did not fit in the case.

So there you have it… Hope this is/will be helpful. Would love to hear other’s feedback as they get theirs.


Oo thanks for the info on the ear tips! So it sounds like you’re saying the round silicone tips from the echo buds gen2 work on the ovular shaped stem of the wyze buds - right?

If yes that’s great news as it opens up a wide range of after market tips like the ones you tested!

They did, and the rounded tips in the 32 piece pack I purchased. I can DM you the link to the 7 dollar variety pack I bought if you like. Of course you can pick some up at many local stores too. The key is that they do not have a formed connector but one that is rubberized and it will slip on and hold.

Just keep in mind the ability to fit in the charging case.


Received mine today and right has no sound… jyst my luck . Guess I got the only faulty unit… tried reset and everything. All voice prompts and all media left bud only. Touch controls on it work though… so anyway pretty disappointing… called customer service and ticket was opened. I insisted on immediate replacement… Guess we’ll see what happens… just wondering if anyone else got a faulty pair…?

Sorry to hear that. Mine arrived today. Both worked, and the sound is really quite good. Not Bose quality but super for the price. Not crazy about the charging case. Hard to get the buds out, and with any alternative ear bud seals, probably not gonna go back in at all. Other than that, they seem
Ok. Hope you get a working pair SOON.

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Sorry to hear that as well, the wait and not working stinks. Once they get you squared away no doubt you will enjoy them.

@boydjohn7 I was able to get the case to close with the rounded 14mm (and below) bud tips installed on the WYZE Buds Pro. Just not with the dual coned tips or XL memory foam tips.

Thanks. I’ll be careful if I have to swap them. I have small ear canals, it appears, and most buds fall out. So far the Wyze buds seem to stay in……but we’ll see. The sound DOES seem awfully good, especially for the price!

Ya no kidding after the wait and not working and apparently I seem to be the only one so far… talk about luck

Can you send me a link or email me a link to the best ones that still fit in the case?

The ones with the blue centers are the stock ones that came with the Echo buds, i cannot find an exact match for those even searching with the device name. These are the other ones I bought and tested, its a variety pack. Was looking for a low cost tip. They work just as well. In fact they slip over the speaker much easier.

Earbudz Replacement Earbuds Ear Tips fit Powerbeats, Skullcandy, LG, Panasonic, Symphonized, iFrogz, Mpow, Small, Medium, Large and Double Flange (16 Pairs - 32 Pieces) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07R7MS1XL/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_glt_fabc_70R8MHE09MY4BVPP2VV5?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1

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Thanks so much. I’ll pass this a long. I really appreciate the info.

  • Steve
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Got my ear buds today, setup was easy and straight forward. Had no issues. Now the testing begins.

But so far, I like what I see. Now I need to like what I hear. :slight_smile:

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I got mine today and the first impression is good. The packaging is superb. My only previous experience with noise cancelling ear buds was some cheapies from Amazon. This case is far more attractive. I’ve already dropped one trying to put it back in the case, but that is more my clumsy fingers than anything. Probably because I don’t have much experience with ear buds, I had some things I did not find to be intuitive:

  1. I believe the piece on the right as I face the open case is the ear bud for the right ear. My aging eyes could not see a label. They feel okay, so…
  2. Case charge is independent of whether ear buds are in the case. That is, I can charge the case while using the earbuds.
  3. If the ear buds fit in my ear and don’t fall out easily, I have the correct size
  4. Do the little rubber things wear out? Where do I replace them? I think someone talked about it in an earlier post, but these are very real questions from the uninitiated.

I had no trouble pairing with my Pixel 5 phone and I listened to an album on Spotify right away.
Very nice sound. It seemed both ears got equal sound level and quality.
The noise cancelling was very good. I still got a hint of thunderstorm in the background, but not enough to hamper my music enjoyment. I would think it is every bit as good, maybe better than my headphones which I consider my gold standard. Noise cancelling always challenges me because I hear all the snap, crackle and pop that my ear produces.

I may have more to say after I hit the gym.

Silly question: I love the cute short cable for charging the case, but I’d like suggestions of how to keep it where it won’t get lost.