Wyze Bud Pro - single bud replacement

Inevitably people will lose either the left or right Wyze bud pro, or one may get chewed by a happy puppy.

It would be great if Wyze offered an option to purchase a single bud (left or right).

I don’t know… I have not seen any other vendors do that yet… Would be a logistical nightmare…

It just becomes an inventoried product like any other… buy the left $20,
buy the right $20,
buy the pod $20.

The reason I had this idea was my dogs took my pod case as a chew toy outside. I found it on the lawn after a light rain. At first only 1 pod worked as well as the case. Enough time went by and the other suddenly worked again too. I thought my new pods was going to be a pod, singular. :slight_smile:

Yes! Me me! I’m obsessed with my Wyze buds pro but the case fell out of my pocket (hate how slippery it is) and it opened when it crashed to the ground and ONE ear bud went PLOP right into the pool during my kids swim class.
I was so so upset, but more sad because the price is now double than what I paid for them. I can’t afford it and at this rate I could buy refurbished apple pods for the same price.
I wish they would sell one ear bud for less!

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And the same applies to the non-pro version!
My son got off his school bus and the right ear bud popped out and went under the school bus. I’m so grateful that he wasn’t stupid enough to go try and fetch it.
Here’s what happens when a big yellow school bus runs over Wyze ear bud:

Lost one of my Wyze earbuds Pro and Replacement link does not WORK! Contact me on how to get a replacement!

How do I get a replacement? Is it still possible?