WYZE Buds Pro - First Impression

The WYZE Buds Pro arrived today and wanted to start a first impression thread.

I will be diving into these much deeper and comparing to Echo Buds Gen 2 and Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus but wanted to give a quick first impression. Sorry this may be all over the place but first impression, right?

So far my only complaint, the rubber tips (the largest ones) are not big enough for my ears, they don’t seal great. This could be because of the oval "speaker design vs round.

On the Left Echo Buds 2nd Gen on the Right WYZE Buds pro

Pairing was quick and easy without the paper instructions and you will get instructions at setup in the app. I was instantly presented with a firmware update that took 4 minutes.

The case is pretty sleek but I can already tell the round design will offer some challenges removing the buds holding the oval shaped case in one hand keeping the lid open… but it will fit much nicer in a pocket that bulkier designs of other cases.

While I am not a huge fan of wireless buds that stick out of your ears similar to the apple design these are not too bad so far, sitting, I feel like activity will have a different result but we will see.

Sitting next to a fan toggling the ANC, you can tell the difference… not as good as the WYZE headphones but noticeable for sure, and ANC might be better if I got a tighter seal in my ears, per my only complaint.

The sound quality at first blush is really good, oddly quality is much better In transparency mode than ANC off. I felt like Transparency Mode and ANC On had the same sound quality.

THEY GET LOUD!!! So if you like loud you will like these.

I played with the BASS BOOST setting over and over again with some 90s Rap… I could not tell a difference on or off, but I am pleased with how the bass sounds on these. The highs are clear and crisp, the middles are low, and the bass is thumpy… just like “I” like it. V shaped EQ

No built in equalizer so you will need to use your music app EQ if you want to tweak more

And, then there is this… Coming Soon For Alexa? Sigh. That’s just because of personal preference though :slight_smile:

Customizable touch controls are nice.

First 30 minutes with them… I really like them and the sounds quality is great. I honestly thought I would dislike the design very much in how they felt in my ear, even spot checked how they looked in the mirror and I don’t feel as silly as I thought I would with them poking outta my ears… more to come.

Oh, and for those that care… no “I backed sticker” or digital “I backed” boarder. No sticker at all in fact. But… it will show in your digital badge.

Please share your first impressions


Waiting for mine…the headphones are good for the price. Let’s see the comments.

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Woo thanks for sharing! Very curious how the ANC compares to the echo buds 2! Generally for earbuds the passive isolation is effective at mid-high frequencies (they act like an ear plug), but for low frequencies ANC is needed. If you have a chance try testing the ANC next to some speakers playing low frequency noise.

The echo buds 2 have quite poor ANC so hopefully the wyze buds are much better! Amazon Echo Buds Gen 2 Truly Wireless Review - RTINGS.com

Is everyone having the same problem as OP with the earbuds not getting a good seal?

This may be a me problem, I have large ears :grin::ear:


Well that is what concerns me! I am a fellow big eared human!!!


BTW, using them in-general on Bluetooth… I’m immediately impressed, I called my wife while she was using her pair (we bought a pair for each of us) and the microphone sounds amazing! The sound is impressive too. They are good headphones I think…

My only negative is they are hard to get out of the case… I can’t seem to grab them right.


I think an @mavens is needed to raise our community helpers.

I agree with hard to remove from the case When you ty to hold it you close the lid, or at least that is what happens to me, Same thing happens with my Echo Buds Gen 2.

But I do like the sleek design of the case compared to many others. Better fit for your pocket. Slim.

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I am not on the beta app. I tried turning off WiFi. I disconnected all BT devices, and turned off other BT devices like the watch and floor lamp. Same issue.

I also agree with the difficulty of getting them out.

I was able to connect to BT directly, and they do sound good. Noise cancelling worked really well for the limited testing I did.

I have an Android device.

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I pre-ordered and received them today obviously.

App v.2.23.21 on Pixel 3 XL - Android 12 Beta.

I’m learning how to get them out a little quicker now. Not a deal breaker, just an aesthetic/tactile thing.

For those who have gotten them to work, has anyone compared them head to head with any other common earbuds? Airpod pros or Earfun Air Pro would be logical comparisons! The Earfuns are very similarly specced and $20 more (but no wireless charging case) and are very highly reviewed at RTINGS, one of the only quantitative audio review sites out there. EarFun Air Pro True Wireless Review - RTINGS.com

Very good point. I do not have Apple things around to compare them too. I have used Jabra 75t’s (?) and a $60 pair of Boltunes…

These are better than both of those, no question.

I made a thread for the connection error issue and workaround.


More on First impressions:

I did a 5 mile interval run this morning. 81 degrees, SW 10MPH Wind, and Humidity at 82%
And even though I feel like the buds don’t seal well, the buds stayed in place and I was a sweaty mess. I never once felt like they were going to fall out of my ears.

The sound quality was very good even with the wind.

Touch Controls: out of my experience with wireless ear buds and headphones the transition moving forward to a new song (double tap for me) is much smoother than my Echo Buds Gen 2 and Galaxy Buds+ it’s almost instant, no cracking, no audible tone to indicate the skip to a new song (I personally prefer no audible notification of song repeat or skip)

Not once did I get any Bluetooth skipping

For what it’s worth I primarily use Amazon Music Unlimited HD for my music listening.


Thanks. I will see what mine does when it comes in.

Sound is great on mine, but for noise cancellation makes me nauseous. But that has always been the case for me on every noise cancellation product.

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Thanks or joining the party @WyzeBaohua

I also started a thread here for the App connection issue.


From @goodifrun who was working with support in the other thread

Just FYI, from support “Please try re-adding the device to your app since this was already fixed by our engineering team. MY sincere apologies though if you are experiencing this issue as it impacted all Android users due to a cloud issue.”

Thank you for passing on info @goodifrun


Wore the WBPs during a “Gym” Workout today.

Area of note, they did not fallout while doing crunches and sit-ups, nor did they fall out bench pressing.

They did get snagged taking my shirt off… I have not had that issue with any of my other buds simply because they do not have the extension piece coming off of them like the WBPs do.

So far I am pretty impressed, and off the cuff… they are standing tall with the Echo Buds 2nd Gen… More to come on that.