WYZE Buds Pro and Voice Assistant

Just received my Wyze Buds Pro today and immediately got very excited because I have to get the lawn mowed and do a bunch of yard work so being able to get a good first use out of them is going to be cool. I got them all connected and go into the options to finish the full setup as I do with all my gadgets and notice under the voice asistant option Alexa says coming soon? WTF? These were sold as it being BUILT IN, it even says so right on the box how can it be coming soon? And what does that even mean? Im still waiting for the 3 in 1 temperture sensors that were touted with the Wyze thermostat that were “Coming early 2021” but haven’t had a single peep on. With the way Wyze preorder system works there is no way we will be seeing those in 2021. Beginning to feel cheated by Wyze’s statements. You don’t want to lose your customers trust but many more unfounded clainms and you just might. Going around throwing out all these claims and sales pitches only to find out that feature is coming soon. Bah

Also I don’t know if anyone else is experiencing this but getting the Wyze Buds Pro out from the case is oddly extremely challenging for me. My fingers must be getting fat but for the life of me my 145 pound 6 foot self struggle to pull them out. :frowning:

I had the same experience with both of your topics

The removal gets easier the more you use them. The shape of the Echo Bud Gen2 case is even worse. You always seem to close the lid when pulling the buds out.

The WYZE headphones delivered without Alexa voice assistance as well when they first came out, but it wasn’t to long after release the update was made. I believe it wont be to long before we see it on the buds pro.