Wyze Buds Pro Case Design Flaw

I know my fingers are probably not in the small and slim type but they aren’t big either. Taking buds out of the case seems to be a challenge sometimes. I never have that issue with other manufacturers ’ earbuds. After reviewing other cases, I notice the Wyze Buds Pro case can only open up to ~91 degree compare with others that can do ~94+ degree. That couple degree makes a big difference. It allows your index finger to have enough room to pinch the buds out. Small difference but makes a big impact. Hope the product team can look into that.

Allow me to add this in. I owe both the headphone and the buds pro. Single connection only from the earbuds pro is another huge disappointment. And I am paying much more for the pro vs. the headphone. I know the pro has lots of fancy features but it is missing the basic fundamental function. Who only use one device in this modern age?

I love Wyze’s products, that is why I want to provide feedback to the team.

Thank you.

The buds are held in place magnetically. If you pop them out to the left & right they should release easier. :slight_smile:

Thank you Newshound for the tips. Maybe in the new batch, they use a stronger magnet. I can put the case upside down and shake it with moderate force, the buds will still hold in place.

Your tip is useful. I discover if I put it upside down, instead of pinch it out, I apply force on one side to push it out, It is easier. :grin: