Wyze Buds Pro - Enhancements to allow easier removal from case

I find it difficult to remove my new Buds Pro earbuds from the case. My wish is that the lid would open further, and/or ad a small lip or edge to the bud to be able to grab it with a fingernail. As it is now, they’re too round and slippery and I feel silly. (Also, the flat black case is easy to lose in a dark spot. I’d prefer some color or pattern).

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Welcome smab. :+1:

In addition to your excellent suggestions, I wish the exterior of the case and buds had a rubberized coating to increase grip.

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I find it is a bit easier to roll them out of the case to the left and right. They are held in place magnetically to help the charging contacts, and pulling straight up is difficult.

Yes, I am having a similar issue - I end up dropping them every second time I try taking them out because I have to pull, prod, push and they often then pop out and I have to grab them before they fall. Maybe make the near side of each bud a mat grippy rubber for easier grabbing, This may also help them stay in my ear better. Another option would be to make the front joint of the case lid lower so that the bud is more exposed when the lid is opened.


As a guy with thick fingers, I absolutely agree this is difficult.