Wyze Buds Pro Silicone case

Offer a silicone case for the Wyze buds pro to keep them from getting dinged up. I have a similar thing for my apple air pods and it works great. Also, have it cover the charge port to keep dust and lint out. These are usually in pockets anyway. image|666x500


I was thinking the same thing! Thank you for posting. Even if it isn’t a silicone case, I hope they start making decals or something. Has anyone started making them on etsy or any small shops that you have seen?

I agree that a non-slip silicone case would be really helpful. While I appreciate the sleek design of the charging case, it keeps falling out of my pockets (e.g. when I’m in the car) because it’s so slippery and rounded. I’m afraid it’s going to fall out one day and I’ll lose it. I think a silicone case might help with that.

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Any chance this ever gets considered? The pro case is so dang unwieldy…

Could anyone 3d print a case maybe?