WYZE BUD Pro Connection Issue (Android) "Make sure you're connected to the Internet"

For those who may run into the below error when connecting the WYZE PRO BUDS to the WYZE App on Android devices, members of the community have found that connecting your device to a 2.4 GHz wireless network resolves this error (workaround) and allows you to finish the setup.

Thank you to @HDRock and @Newshound for assisting the community members in the testing and identification of the resolution.


Already tried that. Still doesn’t work.

@WyzeBaohua Here’s the new thread.

Log ID: 270976


Just FYI, from support “Please try re-adding the device to your app since this was already fixed by our engineering team. MY sincere apologies though if you are experiencing this issue as it impacted all Android users due to a cloud issue.”


About what I was expecting for the price. I would have liked to add my experience, but I get the error below when trying to go through setup and after 25 minutes on the phone with Support, I am waiting for another week for a replacement to be shipped out. This has become a common occurrence for me when being an early backer of Wyze products. So, for my experience it ends at app integration is terrible :joy:

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I have the same issue, although they pair to my phone’s bluetooth fine. Sound is great, touch controls work…just can’t get them to pair with the app.

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Ugh…same issue.

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Yep, same problem I’m having. They’ll pair to the phone with bluetooth just fine, but the app won’t allow me to set them up.

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I wonder if this is similar to the issue back when the WYZE Headphones were released?

Do you have a smartwatch connected to your smart phone via Bluetooth? If so try disconnecting the smartwatch and try the setup again.

I would actually suggest disconnecting (not deleting, just disconnecting) all other Bluetooth devices then try the setup on the WYZE app again.

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I’m having same connection issues on a brand new phone! Same issues as wyze robot vacuum?

I am in the same boat as this.

I put a support ticket in and got a response, but they were no help either.

I am having the “Searching” “Try Again” screen as well… connects fine to Bluetooth/Alexa.

Pixel 3XL/Android 12 beta

I tried this to no avail. I’m going to go ahead and say it shouldn’t be this hard to setup a pair of bluetooth earbuds in an app. I’ve had the Pixel Buds 2, Sony 1000XM3, Sennheiser Momentum 2 and never had a problem getting them connected in their apps once connected via bluetooth. I never even had a problem with the Wyze Wireless Headphones.

They Wyze Buds Pro connect to my phone via Bluetooth just fine, but they won’t go through setup in the Wyze app. The extent of troubleshooting with support was to try a factory reset on the earbuds.

Is everyone with problems also using the Beta App? I’m on Android using the Beta App.

@WyzeGwendolyn Would it be possible to get a developer or support person in on this thread so we can try and troubleshoot this?

I tried on a pixel, iphone, nothing

Maybe someone not using beta app should try…anyone?

On with support now

I tried doing it on the Public version of the app and still get the same error.

They put me back on hold…doesn’t look good…seems like maybe a firmware issues, I’ll report back once I hear more.

I spoke to support around 11am Eastern Time and was supposed to get a call back from a Level 2 support person by 8pm Eastern Time tonight…clearly that hasn’t happened, which just unfortunately seems to be par for the course nowadays when trying to get support for faulty products through Wyze.