WYZE Buds Pro - loud rushing wind sound in right bud whenever ANC or Transparency activated

Anyone have issues with noise cancelling or transparency mode blasting you with white noise/gale-force wind sounds in your buds? I’ve tried factory reset twice and I’ve upgraded to the latest firmware ( The microphones appear to be clean. I contacted tech support and sent them my log files and their initial response was that it would be fixed in a future update someday…

It works fairly well for me, I do hear some pink noise when first switching on transparency mode, but it’s fairly soft and goes away within 10 seconds or so. Otherwise it been working pretty well.

Having the exact same problem. Following…

Same here. Right side. Very annoying

The white noise isn’t blasting for me but it’s super noticeable in both transparency and ANC modes. I got on the forums just to see if I was alone…

Wyze ended up processing a return/replacement for me. I have no idea when the replacement pair will ship.

The replacement ear buds work great! No constant whooshing noise in the right ear. ANC and transparency mode work well.

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Ugh. I just got a warranty replacement pair because mine were sometimes making a loud buzz (like feedback, but not high pitch) when using noise cancellation. But the new pair I just received has constant white noise in the left ear if either noise cancellation or transparency are in.

I was supposed to mail back the old pair, but I’m going to have to return the new ones. Constant noise is so much worse.