Ear Buds Pro mode voice confirmation incorrect

There are three mode functions for Buds Pro:

  1. Noise Cancellation ON
  2. Noise Cancellation OFF
  3. Transparency Mode

Each mode change is followed by a voice announcement stating the current function. However, my Buds Pro announcements are as follows:

  1. Noise Cancellation OFF
  2. Noise Cancellation OFF
  3. Transparency (?) [can’t understand second word]

It’s easy to tell which mode you are in but, it would be nice for the announcements to match the mode. Anyone else have this experience?

Are you switching them by using the controls on the device themselves or are you switching them using the app?

I’m using both the app and 2 sec press on either bud with same voice announcements. It’s like they got the voice file ID wrong…

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Can I ask what firmware and at version you are using on them. That is rather peculiar.

I have the buds but I find myself resorting to the headphones more just because if I don’t when I wear them at work I still get people coming up and tapping me whereas if I have the headphones on people see them distracted and doing my thing and leave me alone :slight_smile:

Model WNCE1
Firmware Ver
Plugin Ver 1.2.10

Wore them while operating my Grasshopper mower with collection system (unbelievably loud - requires gun range earplugs) to see if Buds Pro could dampen as well as industrial muffs alone. They came close to dampening as well as the range plugs with ANC turned on however foam earpieces would do much better than stock silicone.

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So it appears you and I have the same firmware and plug-in versions and I’ve not seen that error yet. I’ll pull mine out tomorrow and see if I can replicate it at work.

And I found the same thing while mowing, that’s another reason I use the headphones more than the buds

Just tried mine running and it’s cycling though all modes fine via app or long-press on a bud.

  1. Transparency Mode
  2. Noise Cancellation OFF
  3. Noise Cancellation ON

I thought the same as well, but not the case for me

Hi Seapup, it’s possible that the phonetics of the words OFF and ON sound the same to me as I have bilateral tinnitus with high frequency white noise about 35-40dB above actual dead silence. However, I spent quite some time toggling between the two voice prompts and ON still sounds like OFF… No doubt it’s probably me as others would have already complained about such an obvious error.

Thanks for the info on the memory foam tips as I was going to try custom built tips from Comply to fit the oval ports on the Buds Pro. I have set of the first gen BRAGI “The Headphone” with passive noise cancelling and selectable Transparency Mode. I got these because they use bone conduction through the ear canal for voice input and the external mics are only used for transparency mode. Voice input through the ear canal is incredibly clear and crisp with NO noise at all, even at 130 MPH on a racing motorcycle! You speak in a normal conversational voice and the other end hears you like you are sitting on you couch at home. However, there is a narrow threshold between a good noise free seal that won’t loosen the buds with heavy physical activity and being too tight in which you hear blood pumping through the carotid arteries, amplified by the Eustachian tubes.
BRAGI quit making ear bud sets 5 years ago but, wrote the software to control multifunction ear buds and hearing aids from a single touch control on 1 or both buds. I’m trying to find a set of buds that use ear canal for voice input with high Passive noise cancelling and superior Active noise cancelling with selectable Transparency Mode & volume control on external mics. What I really want is to carry on a conversation with my girlfriend in Ohio, while shooting The Tail of the Dragon at Deals Gap, North Carolina, on a racing Moto Guzzi Le Mans 1000 (in full racing leathers)… Buds Pro may be the ticket with the right tips.


You just made me miss my Thruxton and GPZ, been awhile since I have had a proper scoot.

The cagers and their decision to pay more attention to tech than the road helped in my decision, but still have a little 250 to RAT on.

Interested in hearing your results with the Pros. Stay safe friend.