Wyze Buds Pro power tools

Happy with the price.
Sound is great.
Mow the lawn, battery life is good.
ANC issues with super loud power tools: Very loud noises, from circular saw, weed wacker, can cause the circuit to distort and send harsh noise through the buds. I think I’m hearing the input overload.

Rather than a total freak out of the ANC circuit with ridiculously loud noises , I would suggest that ANC just shuts off if it senses a noise level it can not compensate.

The buds triggering a standard “ANC off” mode would be better than the circuit freaking out with super loud noises.



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I have actually experienced this as well when using my cordless weed trimmer and edger. Thanks for posting and validating what I have noticed as well.

Mostly when I am edging and the line hits a harder spot in the ground or the edge of the driveway or sidewalk. Its like a loud static skip.

I thought it odd the first couple of times I noticed it, but noticed the consistency this week and was about to post the experience in my first impression thread.

Could be worth raising to support.


I can confirm the same issue with loud tools. Hammering, impact driver, dropping something, they all make a really annoying POP sound. And if you have ambient sound on it’s even worse. My guess is that those types of noises have not been programmed into the ANC algorithm.

(Seriously Wize, if you would only pick me one of these days to help with beta testing new product, these are the things you would be able to sort out a head of time! :wink: )

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I have the exact same issue with mine. I am using an air hose at work and the loud static noice is noticeable both in ANC and transparency modes.