Wyze Buds Pro - one earbud battery draining faster

Has anyone experienced this? The left earbud battery drains faster. I tried fully charging everything and battery indicator on the app says it’s full. Then after a few minutes of using the buds, the left earbud would say battery at 20%.

Is there a work-around to fix this? Is it a battery charging issue?

I’ve had a couple of these because I use them nonstop all day, and mine is the opposite side (right bud that loses battery soonest), but it is because I use the right earbud more often than the left (sometimes only the right side), and it’s the one I use to do all the controls, so I also use the battery on it more than the other one even when I have both running at the same time.

I have had other wireless earbuds too, and honestly, it’s just what happens to them all when you use them long enough. They are still using rechargeable batteries and the charge starts to go out over time and use with battery cycles. I am not totally sure what anyone can really do about it.

It is possible that in your case it is a battery charging issue. How long have you had these and how much do you use them? Do you always use both together, or sometimes just use the left one? How long does it take the other one to reach 20%?

My wife’s Wyze Buds Pro have been in a drawer for months because the batteries just don’t last. She really liked the noise cancellation (we live 1/2 mile from a busy 4 lane Interstate highway 55/70. I am mostly deaf so the din doesn’t bother me)

I am a big Wyze fanboy and like everything I have bought except for the ear buds.

My ear buds were bought from AliExpress. They are BT 5.3 also


Less than $13.00 US. I only use one at a time (I listen to a scanner from when I wake up to when I go to sleep. My wife doesn’t like the chatter and I don’t have to be in the same room as the scanner)

I switch to the other ear bud when the low battery warning sounds. These last a good 4-5 hours.

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I bought them in May 2021 but mostly use them during summer time. Last time I really used them was the summer of 2022 and only use them when mowing the lawn. After mowing season was done, they just stayed in a drawer.

I charged them before using them this year and then suddenly noticed that one earbud having the problem.

I think it’s about 15-20 minutes (or maybe less) and then it will say it’s at 20% battery.

Does the suspect ear bud shut off after a few minutes?

The battery reporting circuit could be the issue and the ear bud has plenty of battery life left.

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No… after a few minutes, it will say 15%, 10%, etc. so battery is draining.

But does the bud stop working when the battery level is low?

I just took the buds out of the case. Less than 1 min… the left bud says, the battery is 10%.

Letting it run and see if it would die soon.

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This morning the AliExpress earbud notified me after 4 hours and 10 minutes the battery was low

The left bud died after 42 mins after the 10% battery notification.

So the battery reporting is not accurate. Have you tried letting the bud run completely down and see if it reports correctly after a full discharge and recharge?
10% remaining = ~40 minutes. I’m rusty at math but that should equate to a run time of 400 minutes if the power level drops linearly which is around 6.5 hours.

Wyze states the ear bud battery life is 4.5 hours with ANC on and 6.0 hours with ANC off.

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Thanks @TomG. I’ve recharged it after it died. Let me try again today. Appreciate the suggestions!

Wyze Support asked me to check firmware. Firmware on buds pro is up to date and it’s fully charged.

My next option was to do a factory reset which I did. After 2 minutes of using, left bud says it has 20% battery left.

Glad to help.