Wyze Earbuds Pro short battery life

I get about 2.5 hours of battery life with ANC and using the earbuds on Zoom calls paired with a Mac. This is far cry from the advertised 4.5 hours with ANC.

I reported the problem to Wyze support, who nicely sent me a new pair of Earbuds Pro and let me keep the old ones. The new pair suffer from the same battery issue: 2.5 hours max when used on Zoom or Teams calls. So yes, they solved the problem heuristically as the combined time of the two earbuds is now about 5 hours…

Is anyone else experiencing the same issue?

Yep. My wife has mentioned the poor battery life compared to her airpods and Alibaba Tozo ear buds. She needs the noise cancellation at night to drown out the highway noise. We live about 1/4 mile from a busy 4 lane highwayx (55/70) that has a lot of truck traffic, it wasn’t so bad when we moved in 40 years ago. I attribute some of the increased noise to more people buying stuff online.

Having hearing loss does have benefits,