Wyze Buds and Customer Service

Very disappointed. I was looking to purchase a non apple option for wireless ear buds. I have had the Wyze buds pro for under two years, and no matter how long I have them charging they will not hold a charge over 10-20 minutes. On top of this, the right ear bud will not increase volume. I work at a busy wedding venue with my office one door down from one of our party spots, so the noise cancellation was a big selling point for me. It was difficult to actually get someone to do a live chat, and even then it took a while to hear back, only to be told there was nothing WYZE could do about it. I was hoping that the amount of money put towards these would render them an investment, rather than a disposable product that I would be replacing every year or two. Too much money for something that will not last and cannot be replaced. Very very disappointed.

Welcome to the forum @gldavis0518.

Very sorry to hear of your experience with the Wyze Bud Pros. They are a very good product for the price compared to the Beats and Air Pod Pros in the market now.

I am on my second pair ( drove over my first pair on accident) and try to be much more mindful of where I put remaining pair and how I treat them, considering they are out of stock and the only ones I can find for sell are 3rd party with very high prices.

I also happen to be a self-proclaimed (low to mid range) audiophile. While I cannot offer much by way of the Wyze Buds Pro other than empathy, I can point you in the direction of a pair of similar Wireless Buds with good quality noise cancelling (Not Active) and decent sound at a lower price based on my personal opinion (no affiliation or kickback, I have used both of the below products)

If Active Noise Cancellation is a Need they have a step-up model as well

The short is, for the price to quality, the Wyze Bud Pros are very good and if I had to repurchase them again at the retail price I would, because I do believe they are comparable to Air Pod Pros and Higher End Beats that are way more expensive… Not on a Bose or Top end Sony level, but those are getting into out of my reach prices. Then again, all the low and mid range stuff I buy it would probably amount to the really expensive ones, but then… be really scared that I might wash, drop in a toilet (yes, this has happened to me) or drive over them.