Wyze Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

Who thinks that wyze should make wireless ear buds for the people who like ear buds better than headphones?

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Yes, ear buds would be good. Perhaps now that they have development experience with headphones, earbuds will follow.

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i agree

Not sure where this would go as far as the forums

Now that wyze has noise cancellation on their headphones I would love to see earbuds. However I would further love to have them so they would be comfortable to sleep with in.

Due to reasons I am super sensitive to sound when trying to sleep. The only products like described above cost well over 200 usd. Seeing as wyze brought the heat with 50$ As far as over the ears I am sure they could bring that fire with earbuds

Long battery life, great mics for phone calls and independent playing on individual buds.


It would be really nice to see earbuds from wyze. I believe they have the capacity to make a great product with a nice price range. Especially after I tested their headphones.

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After the wyze headphones I want Wyze to make the Wyze buds … Something to compete with the Amazon buds that are wireless , compact , comfortable , good sound and maybe isolation technology . And that made will work with the new wyze watch that is coming out . Wouldn’t that be nice from Wyze .

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Wyze Head Phones are exceptional! Why not incorporate that technology into wireless ear buds?


Make them smaller than the Galaxy Beans and I’m in.

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I’ve been looking at the noise canceling headphones but would much rather have earbuds for going to the gym


I’m not sure if someone has requested this already, but I’d love to see Wyze come out with true wireless earbuds with the features of the Wyze headphones.

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My Galaxy Buds just crapped out after 1 year. After doing research, this is a pretty common issue. Wyze makes quality products at a much more manageable price. I don’t feel like dropping <$100 bucks every year on earbuds. Let’s do this wyze!


We are happy to announce that Wyze Buds Pro are now available for preorder! :tada:


Are you able to use both earbuds independently or is one the dominant and the other can’t be used without the first? I’ve bought almost everything that Wyze has put out since the beginning, is there a name for us groupies? (WyzeGyze, WyzeHeadz, WyzeCracz…)

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Will these earbuds have the touch controls to pause a call or a conference call (such as Zoom, MS Teams)?
I understand the buds allow to pause the music with touch controls but my question is specifically around pausing a call or a conference call. This is an important buying criteria as I spend a lot of time on conference calls. Thanks

Anyone know if the case will accomidate foam headphone tips?

Only the tips you chose and installed on the buds. The others are held in the product box.

Any word on the price differential between the Pro and non-ANC Wyze Buds? I own the Wyze Headphones with ANC so while I’m interested in purchasing a pair of the buds as well, I don’t particularly need them to be ANC. However, if the price differential is negligible, I may as well pull the trigger on a pair of the Pro model.

when will these be restocked?

Looks like the Wyze Buds are $43.99 and the Wyze Buds Pro are $59.99.

@R.Good did a comparison on these and prefers the Bud Pro’s. But they both are great.

Here is his Buds Pro Write-Up

and here is his Buds Write-Up

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