Wyze Buds Battery Life?

How do I get the 7 hours of battery life out of these? I have the Pros too, but they only last about 4 hours with ANC and ambient amplifier off. So when I saw these come out with 7 hours, perfect for a workday, I snatched them up.

Well, it seems like they have just as much battery time as the Pros, about 4 hours…disappointing. I even have ambient amplifier turned off.

They sound great though and I’d recommend to anyone, unfortunately with the caveat that they only last 4 hours per charge. I do like the quick charge, that helps.

A Wyze Guy

I specifically asked on Wyze’s Amazon store what the battery life was like since I just returned another brand of earbuds when I got a low battery warning after 3 hours. My brand new Wyze Buds lasted 4 hours while watching YouTube videos before I started getting a low battery warning. I too had the ambient amplifier and ANC turned off and flat line equalizer.

Sorry to say the Wyze Buds will be going back