Wyze Buds battery charging /life makes them unreliable

I have a couple of Wyze buds both of which are past their 2 year anniversary and I primarily use them on my desktop Win10 computer. Sorry to say have become totally unreliable. Both of these when rhey are not in use are hooked up to ttheir USB charging cables. When I take them out of the case and try to use them I have seen eithe rbud give me a 20% warning within 15 minutes of use. This is after the units have been hooked up to their charging cord for 18 hrs!

Just last night this happened. Both had been charging for hours. I used one pair for 15 minutes and it told me 20% remaining in one of the buds. I put the ear buds back in the case and tossed the case on to my desktop for an hour. I then paired that set up to my phone and the battery levels showed 100% for the case battery and both of the earbuds. WHAT the heck. I then used this same pair of buds for over 2 hours watching YouTube videos.

Both of these buds are exhibiting the same issue and make them unreliable. So much so that I have dug out a 6 year old pair of over the ear Sony wireless headphones to use instead of the Wyze Buds.

This should be from charging issues such as a cord problem or not seated correctly.

Such as if the buds were not seated properly, they could show any % no matter how long the case was charged for. Then reseating them properly could charge them so that they could be charged an hour later.

Specs show 1 hour charge time so they’d be charged from 20% - 100% in under 1 hour Wyze Buds | Best Wireless Noise-Cancelling Earbuds – Wyze Labs, Inc.

I don’t see any other reason here. It doesn’t give off the appearance of a firmware issue but you can make sure the firmware is fully updated.

I wonder about this, as well, and I think it’s a good point. My own Buds have been pretty reliable but for a recent exception when the right one gave a low battery warning much earlier than expected while I was on a treadmill. Prior to that, I think I’d been carrying them (in the case) around in a backpack the day before, and I figure they were probably jostled some, which makes me curious about this comment:

I don’t know if they were literally “tossed”, but I find that I get consistent charging results if I periodically check the contacts (on both the Buds and the case) and then set the case upright after replacing the Buds.

I regularly clean the case inside to make sure the charging pins and contacts are free of wax etc. Firmware is current and has not been updated for over 2 years since I got them. Recently I have left them sitting up right in their case unplugged from the charging cable to charge off the internal battery. Hours later I hook them up to the charging cable and see the external light flashing red on the exterior of the case indicating that the battery in the case is being charged.

Yet I have these issues w either bud apparently at 20% within minutes of use after all this charging.

ANC has been disabled since the day I got the buds to conserve battery power.

It could also potentially be that the latest firmware has a problem. Its not like that’s not possible and maybe explains that?

If the battery was bad for instance, something like that would be happening all the time. Or if the case battery was dead then the buds wouldn’t charge without the charger. If the buds charge without the charger then its not involving anything from the cable out.

I have a mouse with charger that has contacts same as buds tend to have, and the other night, I had it seated wrong when I thought it was right. (In fact my mouse charger is really bad and it normally takes a lot of fiddling with it.) Same has happened with my Samsung buds a couple times or so. This charging type design too just isn’t terribly user friendly. So, I’m expecting that to be it and the info presented aligns with it as that’s exactly what results.

I could definitely complain about my mouse not seating well. Technically, that too would be a valid complaint for the buds if getting them seated well is too difficult that it makes them difficult to want to use.

In theory too, if the connection isn’t good then the charging could potentially get whacked out. I don’t know how their software might deal with wrong power going through while seeing them as connected for charging. That’s a firmware problem. So, its technically possible they appear charging but with a bad connection and don’t really charge.

I can’t speak to @Snowbound’s situation, but that seems an unlikely explanation in my case, because they have the latest (only) firmware version listed. My particular incident seemed to be a one-time thing (at least so far), so I think it was an issue of the Buds not making contact with the charging points in the case. Ensuring a stable, upright orientation of the case while charging has taken care of that for me for now.

With me these Wyze Buds have sat upright on my desktop over the 2 yrs I have had them. These days if they work I wind up getting 2 hrs of use when watching YT videos

I am about to toss these Wyze buds of the balcony here, I had got over 3 hours out of them after leaving them to charge in the cases without having them hooked up to the charging cord. The next time I used them I got 30 mins out of one earbud before it gave me the 20% warning.