Wyze Buds pausing play

Walking and sometimes just simple head movement will cause my buds to pause the music source. I don’t touch them. I can tap to resume the music but it will just randomly stop again.

If I am very still while listening this doesn’t happen.

Any ideas what causes this or how to prevent it?

Listening for your feedback!

I have had this issue as well, I think it happens when the buds stick out of the ear a bit and make the buds think you took one out. You can try adjusting them to see if the music plays again I have been playing around with the tips and have found that the medium size does the best job keeping them it. I have to push them in a little bit as well. When I first got them, I was not inserting them far enough. I would recommend that you also clean them with a microfiber cloth so ofter (about every week based on my ears).

If it still happens, you can disable auto-pause in the setting in the app.

Hope this helps.


Thanks for the suggestions. I’ve got large ear canals and need the larger tips to both keep the buds in and to seal out ambient noise. I’ll try setting the buds deeper and if that doesn’t work I’ll disable the auto-pause function. (I didn’t know that was an option)


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