Earbuds Pro Play/Pause Disable Doesn’t

I let my mom use these to pair to Fire TV Stick to watch regular tv (everyone else watching different devices). But they don’t stay in her ears very well and she’s forever fiddling with them. When you touch them while watching video, they play/pause. So I turned this feature off in the app, except turning the feature off had zero effect. What now? Just live with the inconvenience?

I think (someone correct me if I’m wrong) but they’ll also pause when removed from the ear.

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Yea, if you remove them from the way they will pause as well. I don’t think you can disable this.

Have you tried the diffrent sized silicone tips? If you insert it and wiggle it in it should stay, I find mine work best if the straight part is pointing forward a little rather than straight down.


You’re right, they do stay in a little better with the ‘handle’ at like 7 o’clock. I did try different dice nipples, but I went smaller. I’ll try bigger. The play/pause action I’m talking about is when you touch them while in ear. I can sit it on the table and start video with the remote play, then touch the bud again and pause play. If I can get them stabilized in her ear it won’t be as big of a deal. I think it’s a great feature, it should respond to app settings though.

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Possibly you’re right. They play/pause with the slightest touch, it’s hard to say if removal action alone has that effect.

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I was thinking maybe it wasn’t responding to the touch, but they might be thinking they had been removed. I’m not sure how sensitive that feature is.