Buds pro will not stay in my ear

I really liked my buds pro but have come to the point where I cannot use them anymore. They will not stay in my ears and no matter which ear pieces I use they fall out. I even bought after market ear pieces as suggested in another thread, and while I could get one of those to work it would not allow the bud to fit into the charge case. I suppose I could remove the ear piece each time but then I have to find a place to keep that. So it has come down to this, I am going back to my Google buds which stay in my ears but don’t have noise suppression and I will just live with the constant disconnects. Sorry Wyze, I wanted to like them but just can’t.

Are they not staying in because of the ear tip size?

Which aftermarket tips did you get?

Did you try the Google Bud tips on the Wyze Buds Pro or is it the hook on top of the Google Buds that keep them in?

Right out of the gate… Ear buds that do not have some type of over the ear attachment are NOT well suited for runners or other athletes where there is considerable movement. If you want people to use these who are physically active you must include an attachment to assure the user they won’t fall out and be lost on the trail.