Wyze Headphones-First Day Review

TL;DR The sound quality and features packed in these headphones is absurd for a price tag of only $50!

I’m not going to lie, after the issues with the Wyze Sensors, the Deadbolt, and the Pan Cam, I was feeling pretty jaded with Wyze. However, these headphones are the real deal! I can’t even begin to fathom how they packed all of this functionality into something with only a $50 price tag. This is my brief review after having and using them all day today.

Noise Cancellation-Sure, these may not cancel as much noise as an ultra high-end pair of cans, but they silence almost all of the everyday noises around my house, even with no other music playing through them. Like many, I work from home which means I’ve got kids, a wife, and two dogs making noise all day long. I found myself with my new Wyze headphones on and no music playing simply to work in silence. I walked into the bedroom where a TV was going, a speaker was playing music, and one of my kids was hooting and hollering and all I heard was the faintest voice of my rambunctious toddler.

Fit/Wearability-They are a little on the heavy side, but after playing with the adjustable headband I found a comfortable spot where I could have them on and not even realize I had them on. The cups seal great, however, if you have ears that border on the large side, I could see how the fit might not be the best and cause some discomfort.

App/Smart Features-I use the Google Assistant via my Pixel 5 as my smart assistant and had no problems prompting it to listen and understand a command via either method on the headphones. Having a built in equalizer in the app is a nice touch as well, however, it would be nice to have more presets available that were more geared to different genres of music. Or, provide the option to save multiple Custom profiles to remedy that request.

Function-I listened to several hours of music, playing with the equalizer and am very pleased at the rich sound the headphones put out. I also took several work calls using these and the folks on the other end of the call said my voice was crisp, clear, and easily understood. Combine that with the fact that I’m not fighting with other outside noise to hear what someone else is saying, these are going to be my new go-to for conference calls.

Well done Wyze, well done! I don’t even want to know what kind of deals with the devil had to be made to get these out the door and into consumer’s hands for $50!


Did anyone else have the experience of the sound quality being quite poor? The EQ made little difference. To me they sound like…$50 headphones. On the one hand, that’s fine since that’s what they are. But the advertising implied the sound quality was on par with the best of them.

I’m glad you like your pair @wolfcorner! It may just be me / my pair.


Mine definitely don’t have that problem.

I can tell a difference as soon as I open the EQ settings and start adjusting, sounds like you may have a dud?

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I find these headphones bass heavy, I prefer more neutral headphones in general, but reducing the low frequency bands in the EQ settings basically does nothing. So yeah, I totally agree that the EQ is really bad. I’m surprised they shipped with this on day 1 instead of waiting until it was better. It feels like the lowest freqs are stuck on max and it will never be possible to tone them down.
Also, only 4 bands? There should be at least 5, but ideally 10.

I got mine in today and was super excited to see what $50 Wyze headphones would sound like and I’m somewhat impressed. They’re not bad and I did mess with the EQ but I wished they had more low end. The EQ only allows for adjustability starting at 200hz. It would be nice to see that slider start at at least 40hz! Please add a lower frequency to the custom EQ. Otherwise they’re not bad.

They’re alright but at this point I’m considering sending them back. I’m not a fan of Bluetooth and the Wyze developers apparently don’t have clue. I don’t even know where to start there are so many problems. I managed to get them to pair with my Lenovo Tab2 but the 47 times it failed. Oh it says their paired and ‘media audio’ is checked but no sound. There’s a second box ‘pad audio’ but it won;t take a check. BTW, the pad pairs every time with a cheap Bluetooth speaker.
The Lenovo remembers the speaker and will revert to it automatically. From what I can tell the Wyze headphones won’t. And you can;t pair through the tablet settings. It says something about the code being wrong. You must open the Wyze app which then takes about 3 minutes to pair. NOT acceptable.
And since Wyze refuses to develop a Windows app, and you can;t pair like a normal Bluetooth device, these are useless on a laptop without plugging in the cable.

I hope Wyze gets their act together.

Now that I’ve been using the headphones for a week, I haven’t felt the urge to reduce the low freqs like I expected. I think it’s something I just had to get used to, but hopefully they’ll improve the EQ anyway, at some point. I am pretty sure they will.

I’m having that issue. I’d call the sound “muddy”… and I LIKE bass heavy sound. I currently have the top three sliders maxed high, and low end all the way at zero, and still sounds muddy. I think there must be an issue. The headphones function otherwise fine… I like them, but I can’t listen to this all day :frowning:

I think that’s a good description. The quality of the hardware seems really good, but sound is muddy. I don’t know enough to know if that can be fixed via software or firmware updates… Hopefully. But at this price point, my fear is the speakers themselves are simply not up to the task.

Yeah I agree. It may just be a limitation of the actual hardware which would be unfortunate because I really believe Wyze has a lot of good quality products.

Trying these out after using Bose noise cancelling headphones for years. I like my Bose, but have been using the Wyze headphones because of the ability to cover the right ear to hear what’s going on in my 5 year old daughter’s school Zoom call rather than keep one ear uncovered all the time.

I do wish Wyze would add the ability to hear yourself talking during phone calls like Bose does. That and it seems that people don’t hear me say ‘hello’ when I first answer, like the microphone is still adjusting it’s volume. I always get ‘I can’t really hear you’, then I respond with ‘is it ok now?’ and they hear me fine.

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I just got my headphones today…and they will be replacing my Sony mdr-xb950n1 cans. I’d say they aren’t better than the Sony WH-1000mx3/4 cans, but those are $300 headphones! I paid $150 for my MDR Sony headset and this set is more comfortable, has better noise cancellation and more features overall. I LOVE the sound…but sound is so objective. Each person has their likes/dislikes. One person loves Beats, another hates them. Not that they are bad headphones, it’s different tastes.

I would agree that there is a bit of a “muddiness” to the sound. That can easily be changed with software updates and an expanded EQ band in the app, IMO. I have a set of AirPods Pro that I use most of the time and I use cans when I really want noise cancellation and overall better sound. I’ve been looking at the more expensive Sony’s, but thought I’d take a chance on this Wyze set since I’ve got the cameras, the door lock, the door keypad and then the vacuum coming in January. I’m glad I did. I’m pretty impressed by these period…let alone the $50 price tag!

Looking forward to improvements as we go along, too. Great job, Wyze!

I agree @bigdog5142, the headphones are great. I use my Air Pod Pros 90% of the time for convenience.

For the expanded EQ, I have played with the EQ in the iPhone Settings and gotten much better sound/results in conjunction with the Wyze app EQ.

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I echo the positive comments on Wyze - very nice job on these headphones. I didn’t mean to sound unappreciative… they truly are ground breaking in quality, features and price. I was mainly asking in case the sound I’m hearing isn’t what was expected … perhaps my cans are defective.

I am using them primarily on my PC, so there I am stuck with the EQ in the Wyze app. I’ll try to modify the iPhone EQ when I’m using the phone and see if that helps.

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I know exactly what sound you’re describing, the “muddiness”. Seemed like the higher the Bass EQ, the worse it got. Using the iPhone EQ did help with that issue. I’m sure they will fix it with a firmware update and expand the EQ.

The problem with using the iPhone EQ is that you have to change it back to default after turning off the Wyze headphones. If you don’t do that and get into your vehicle or any other Bluetooth device you may have a terrible EQ sound since it’s on the iPhone’s EQ setting. I just wished there was more fine tuning and possibly a bass boost in settings.

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Wow… I didn’t think I had the iPhone EQ on, but I did… on “Bass Booster”. I turned it off, and the sound immediately got better and the Wyze EQ seemed to act about what I would expect about of a 4 band EQ.

Maybe the iPhone EQ and the Wyze EQ were fighting each other? Regardless, I can now listen to these wonderful cans for music. Thanks to the forum for pointing me in the right direction!

Completely agree that the sound quality really didn’t meet my expectations vs what was advertised. To me, lack of depth/ richness and overall soundstage is lacking in addition to being muddy - something I would hope a firmware update would address. Mic quality is also average - folks on other end of call have had to raise/ Max their speaker volume. I’ve played with available sound settings on device and in App. Spotify seems to sound better than Apple Music and Amazon music - so I’m holding out hope.

Also my unit might be a dud. Will wait for an update but otherwise plan to return.

I’m really considering returning my headphones for a refund as well. I want to like them but I already have my ipod pros and my WH-1000XM3. I get what they’re going for when it comes to their products and I don’t fully expect them to compete with either but at least lemme have more control over the EQ. I would keep these for a bass boost and some added clarity and use these as my beater headphones.

Just used my new Wyze headphones for my first work video team meeting trying them out instead of my Bose 700’s. Evaluating these to give as gifts to a pile of people due to their sweet price point.

My use case isn’t for music but rather work video / conference calls. I have different Sennheiser headphones for my preferred music sound profile.

For this first video team call, I was mostly satisfied with their performance. The one thing that I immediately found missing vs. Bose 700’s is the adjustment to “self voice” volume level. With noise canceling on, I normally have self voice cranked to the max so I don’t end up shouting on my calls and disturbing others in my house. I found myself talking loud on these Wyze headphones as there’s not much self voice feedback. So far that’s my only request for a firmware / app feature update. Other than that they seem fine so far.

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