Wyze Headphones are here! ... But how much do you think they cost? 9/29/20

With some seriously high-fidelity audio, active noise cancellation, and super high-quality hardware… We’ve designed our wireless Wyze Headphones to impress. We just had one simple question: How much do you think they cost?


I’ve ordered them!
Will you be able to control volume and play/pause with the band?


You can! It also has auto-pause if you take them off and I think that’s super nifty. :slight_smile:


@WyzeGwendolyn, you’re killing me here! Remember when I said I wasn’t going get the Band or the Scale? You’re doing it to me again! :joy:


My order is in…wonder what cool gift this time
Still debating switching out my ring for the doorbell…the neighbor feature currently I like


This isn’t EA so there isn’t a separate cool gift. But you will get a sticker! :slight_smile:



If one didn’t want Amazon/Alexa listening in and tracking their every move, is there a method to insure this is not happening such as complete removal of or blocking of such capabilities?

Dare I ask if such capabilities or connections to Amazon/Alexa have any to do with the reasonable price point of Wyze headphones?

The description of Wyze headphones sounds like the real deal and I was all set to purchase a pair until I read about the Amazon/Alexa capabilities.

Thanks & Peace!


Can you simultaneously use these wirelessly while charging? :thinking:


Will Google Assistant be functional with the headphones? I am assuming it will not because Alexa is specifically mentioned and Assistant is not.
If not now is it on the roadmap?
Outstanding price by the way!


I just placed an order for this headphone. I am comfortable doing it because I think the quality would be great for the price point. My hope for the next product announcement is the inclusion of temp/leak sensors to the Wyze Thermostat @WyzeTeam


@WyzeGwendolyn Can you provide more info about the Siri integration? How invoked, what can be controlled via Siri, etc. Not native like Alexa, so I’m assuming a button on the phones must be depressed while commanding volume or whatever. Thanks.

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@blhobson Yes, that was my thought as well. It says you can answer a cell phone call so guessing it is a 2-way bluetooth and will work if you have Alexa set up on your phone.

@ScampMichael If my above statement is true then it would also work with Google Assistant or Siri as @milehiguy quiried.

Perhaps @WyzeGwendolyn can give clarification :thinking:

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Oh sure @Seapup , the charging occurs in most noisy enviroments.
The cancelled outside noise is captured and run through a rectifier to charge the battery. It is similar in principal to regenerative braking on an electric vehicle. :rofl:


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Every pair of headphones I have bought under $100 has developed a crack in the headband and eventually broken. Do these have a metal reinforced headband? Or is it just plastic?


I am ordering because of the price and because I’m a headphones junkie.
A couple of questions though:
Are these for phones only or will they work also on computers?
If you had to compare these in terms of sound, what headphones are they similar to or modeled after for their soundstage/profile?




Hybrid Active Noise Cancellation

40dB of noise reduction to put the outside world on mute.

Wyze Headphones use hybrid active noise cancellation through 2 feedback microphones and 2 feed-forward microphones.

Transparency Mode

Transparency mode lets the outside world in and amplifies your surroundings. It’s so clear, it’s as if you’re not even wearing headphones.

Quick Conversation Mode

Have a quick chat without removing your headphones.

Simply cover the right earcup with your hand to quiet your audio so you can have a clear conversation, conveniently.

Dual Bluetooth Device Connection

Connect to your devices, wirelessly with Bluetooth 5.0.

Wyze Headphones come with the newest version of Bluetooth, which support dual device connection. Stay connected to your phone while listening on your computer, too.

Auto Pause

Wyze Headphones hit pause for you.

Have to take your headphones off for a second? They’ll pause your content for you, automatically. When you put them back on, the content turns back on, too.

Touch Controls

Your headphones come with built-in touch controls so you can manage what you’re listening to without looking at your phone. Tap twice for Alexa, and cover to enter Transparency Mode.

20-Hour Battery Life

Keep the beat going on and on and on…

Enjoy 20 hours of battery life when listening to music or taking calls while connected via Bluetooth. That’s with noise cancellation turned on.

Quick Charge

10 minutes = 4 hours.

Plug your Wyze Headphones in for 10 minutes, and keep your music playing 'til the workday is done.

Alexa Built-in

Ask Alexa for the weather, to play music, and virtually anything else with a double-tap of your right earcup, no Echo speaker required. You don’t even have to say “Alexa!”


In The Box

  • Wyze Headphones x1
  • USB Type-C Cable x1
  • Carrying Pouch x1
  • Audio Cable x1
  • Quick Start Guide x1
Headphones Weight and Materials



Headband material

Multilayer composite of stainless steel, EVA foam, and plastic, covered in protein leather

Earcup cover material

ABS plastic and PC with special coating for touch gestures

Ear cushion material

Memory foam covered in protein leather

Bluetooth Specification

Bluetooth range

33 ft (10 m)

Bluetooth version

Bluetooth 5.0

Bluetooth codec


Multiple device connection

Supports two device connections at the same time


Driver dimensions

40 mm dome type driver (copper wire voice coil)

Magnet material



High transient dual TPU composite diaphragm

Frequency response over Bluetooth

20 - 20,000 Hz (44.1 kHz sampling rate)

Frequency response over line-in

20 - 38,000 Hz


113 dB/mW @1 kHz

Total harmonic distortion

<0.5% 1 mW/1kHz


32 Ω


Charging method

USB Type-C

Battery life

Up to 20 hours of music or call with high noise cancellation

Charging time

Around 2 hours

10-Minute quick charge

Up to 4-hour playback time

Charging temperature

41 - 95 ºF (5 - 35 ℃)

Battery type

Lithium-ion rechargeable battery

Battery capacity

1,000 mAh DC 3.7V


6 total microphones

4 microphones for active noise cancellation

2 microphones for voice pickup

Voice microphones

Sensitivity: -32 dB at 1kHz

Directivity: Omnidirectional

SNR: 74

Frequency response: 50 - 10,000 Hz

Impedance: 2.2 kΩ

Control Input

Power/Bluetooth button

Single press to turn on and off

Press and hold to enter pairing mode

Noise cancellation button

Single press to switch between noise cancellation modes

Volume +/- buttons

Single press to adjust volume

Play/Pause button

Music playback: single press to play/pause, double-press to skip forward, triple-press to skip backward

Call: single press to start/end the call, press and hold to reject a call

Voice assistant: press and hold to activate voice assistant


Double-tap to activate the voice assistant, or mute and unmute in calls

Cover to enable Quick Conversation mode


Operating environment

31 - 104ºF (0 - 40℃), humidity < 95%

Storage and transporting environment

-4 - 140ºF (-20 - 60℃), humidity < 95%



What is the expected battery life?

Up to 20 hours of music playback and call time.

Do the headphones work without the Wyze app?

Yes, all you need is a Bluetooth connection to use the headphones. If you want to use more advanced features, like touch controls and the equalizer, you will need the Wyze app.

Are Wyze Headphones wireless?

Yes! Wyze Headphones are wireless and connect via Bluetooth, but can also be used with the included 3.5mm headphone jack.

How do I set up my Wyze Headphones?

Download the Wyze app, and click the plus sign + > Add Device > Wyze Headphones. Follow the setup instructions.

Do Wyze Headphones come with a case or pouch?

Yes, they include a cloth carrying pouch.

Can you adjust the audio levels?

Yes, you can control the bass, mids, highs, and more using the equalizer in the Wyze app.

What kind of noise cancelling do they use?

Hybrid active noise canceling through 2 feedback microphones and 2 feed-forward microphones, with a 40dB noise reduction depth.

Can you adjust the noise cancelling levels?

Yes, you can switch between High ANC, Low ANC, and Transparency mode in the Wyze app and on the headphones.

Do they produce mono, stereo, or surround sound?

Wyze Headphones produce stereo sound.

What kind of battery do they use?

A DC 1000mAh lithium ion battery.

Are they compatible with gaming consoles and Bluetooth-capable computers?

Yes, Wyze Headphones can connect to Bluetooth-capable devices like gaming consoles and computers.

  1. I have never owned noise-canceling headphones before, but I am semi-tempted to get these to put over my baby’s ears if it’d fit. Anyone know the head size range these would work with? I didn’t see it listed anywhere.
    a) I am not sure what they use to measure when it is taken off to make it pause. It could be based on sensing how stretched out it is, or maybe there is a pressure sensor in the foam padding, or who knows what, but if a baby’s head is too small, it might just “turn off” instead of canceling the noise.

  2. I’m not a huge headphone guy, I used to collect and listen to a lot of music during the Napster days in college (even had an awesome system with subs and everything in my car, and used to help install and do the math for figuring out the best configurations, etc., not to mention home theaters, etc that I used to have), but after all that went away from court orders, I basically quit the music industry in favor of spending my spare time with audiobooks and podcast type of things instead…which doesn’t require top of the line audio systems.
    a) So, while not being totally ignorant when it comes to audio, I’m being upfront that I’m not super familiar with how good of a deal this is or how high quality. Still, I ran a quick search on Amazon for noise cancelling headphones, and saw several with similar specs close to this same price. Some even had bigger drivers and longer battery life and extremely high satisfaction ratings. Yes, there are big brand names that ridiculously charge hundreds of dollars of headphones (most of which is probably paying for the name), but I saw a lot of others that seem very similar to this for the same price range (though Wyze did add certainly add a few extra non-crucial bonus features).
    b) I acknowledge it’s an awesome deal compared to high-end name brands, but can anyone who is really knowledgable in this area please explain how these are any better or all that different from the other generic brands with high ratings on Amazon and elsewhere (other than being “Wyze”)?

  3. Lastly, I’m a little confused. When first announced 8/31/2020, Wyze implied these headphones were something that suddenly came up really fast and moved super fast to testing and would be released really soon. I understood it all to mean that it was all very recently looked into and launched within a very short time. Now with the launch Wyze is saying this has been something they’ve been working hard on for at least 2 years? Taking 2 years is not something I would necessarily call “moving fast” in most cases…just saying.

@blhobson, the headphones would need permission to work with Alexa before they would do that so it’s pretty easy to block. No, that capability has nothing to do with the cost of the headphones. :slight_smile:

@Seapup, no, you cannot use them while they are charging.

@ScampMichael, if Google Assistant is your native voice assistant, you can use it! :smiley:

@superchi, thanks for your order! And I’ll share your interest in the temperature and leak sensors with the team. :slight_smile:

@milehiguy, you can use the touchpad with a double tap or the physical button on the headphones to use Siri once you set it up in the app. You can select your default. :slight_smile:

@dr.know, thanks for the help as usual!

@rbhateja, the band is a composite of stainless steel, UVA foam, and plastic. We wanted it to be strong. :wink:

@plimitone, you can pair your headphones with two devices at a time! I have mine paired with my computer and phone. I’m told that the sound tuning style is similar to V-Moda headphones.

@carverofchoice, we wouldn’t recommend these for babies. Though the PM recommends baby earmuffs! Apparently they’re adorable. The time between testing and going to market is going quickly and I’ll tease the team about not communicating that effectively. We worked hard on the design with the team for the last couple of years and I remember trying on the first prototypes they brought to the office. :slight_smile: