Headphone replacement pads

Overall I’m pleased with the headphones, but i expect I’ll use these regularly and the ear cushion doesn’t seem replaceable. The material is comfortable but very thin, I’d like to be able to replace when it rips. Is this possible and will these pads be offered in the future?


According to Gwendolyn, they’re replaceable and will be sold later.

For instance i have some krakens which by the way are terrible in all the ways, but the ear pads are replaceable, same for my planars. It would just kinda suck if that thin pleathery material rips in 6 months and they get mothballed

Sweet, thank you

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Any word on when the replacement ear covers may become available? It’s been two years and they need replacing…


I am waiting patiently on an update on this as well.

Any update on the release date on the ear pad replacments? It’s been almost two years.

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+1 to this request! My son wears these headphones almost 24/7. He loves them, but the pads are completely falling apart.


I too would like to know when the replacement ear cushions will be made available?

Looks like we have some available.


Got them yesterday, easy install. Thank you Wyze.


How did your remove the old ones?


I wish there was an option to just get the pads with out the cables. The price is fine, I just don’t want unnecessary cables that will just end up being more e-waste for the landfill. I never even used the original cables that came with the headphones.

It would be awesome if we had the option to pick which components we actually needed. You could still charge a flat $9.99 regardless of which options they pick. And lets be honest…those cables are a dime a dozen and can be bought for $1 from a bin at almost any gas station in the country. I bet, given the option, most people would skip the cables when buying these. If you are worried about people feeling like they are getting ripped off by removing stuff and not getting a discount maybe you could offer them like 50¢ store credit, or a month of Cam Plus, or something.

For retail packaging it makes sense to include anything that a customer might need, but I’d love to see a “reduce e-waste” option on as many of your products that you sell direct as is feasible. You already do an amazing job at making most of the packaging out of easily recyclable materials. :muscle:

I keep missing when the replacement pads are in stock, and mine are falling apart. I also don’t need the extra cables. Any 3rd-party replacement pads work?

I am wildly disappointed in wyze about this. The ear cup replacements are in the shop but have been out of stock for months. I had to go buy a different pair of headphones since these are unusable with these deteriorated cups. C’mon wyze, you’re better than this.

You can use any 85mm pad set.

Nuts I ordered a 90mm pad set a few days ago (off brand). I’ll report back if they fit on the Wize Headphone after they arrive.