Wyze Headphones are here! ... But how much do you think they cost? 9/29/20

@mbrindle, we’re looking into different launch methods to figure out what works best for us. :slight_smile:

@Iron_Man, the cushions are replaceable! And we’ll have them for sale later. :grin:

@viscount, I believe it! It’s so convenient. I haven’t had that with headphones before and I absolutely love it.

@milehiguy, you are correct that it’s the right side. Sorry, we cannot make the left cup tappable or touchable. Though technically they can be worn reversed.

@beluga, the price may go up a little. If you prefer to wait for reviews, that would make sense. :slight_smile:

@imac666, we love our Northern Neighbors! We’re still working on the shipping to Canada. :slight_smile: