Wyze Headphones are here! ... But how much do you think they cost? 9/29/20

@plimitone The audio speaker drivers are similar to those you find in Sennheiser Momentum, and the sound tuning style is in the same style as V-Moda Crossfade II.


Wow V-Moda Crossfades and the Senn Momentums. Going all out.
Can’t wait to give these a try.


ohhh mee ohhh my
i just pulled the trigger on these… and maybe a couple other preordered items and the scale… hope i love them all :slight_smile:


Why wasn’t there EA for the headphones? Just curious.

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Are the ear cushions replaceable?


true multi-pairing? for this price? I pre-ordered mine as any decent headphones/buds with Multi-pairing is above $129


Which cup (left or right) is the button located to invoke Voice Assistant. I assume the right. Can anything on the LEFT cup be tapped/touched to do this, or … can the headphones be worn reversed so that these controls are on the left? (hopefully that made sense, assume your right arm were in a sling to relate)


The email states price ~$50 during pre-order but the video makes it look like this is the ‘retail’ price as well…? I am not big into pre-ordering before seeing some more or less independent reviews. Thanks.

Again - no shipping option to Canada? How about some love for your fans north of the border!

@mbrindle, we’re looking into different launch methods to figure out what works best for us. :slight_smile:

@Iron_Man, the cushions are replaceable! And we’ll have them for sale later. :grin:

@viscount, I believe it! It’s so convenient. I haven’t had that with headphones before and I absolutely love it.

@milehiguy, you are correct that it’s the right side. Sorry, we cannot make the left cup tappable or touchable. Though technically they can be worn reversed.

@beluga, the price may go up a little. If you prefer to wait for reviews, that would make sense. :slight_smile:

@imac666, we love our Northern Neighbors! We’re still working on the shipping to Canada. :slight_smile:


Ordered two. One for myself, the other for my wife for Christmas :slight_smile: They seem impressive! Having a wired option is great for using with my home-theater for movie watching, which is an older Yamaha that doesn’t have blutooth. I’ll be curios how they compare to my older Panasonic over the ear cans I use for that…

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Thanks! Any chance of having cloth ear cushions available? My head tends to get sweaty under leather.

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Before I pre-order, can you please confirm that the new headphones work with both iPhone and Android for both music and phone calls?

Very excited for theses!!! I know these headphones are amazing since I was lucky to be part of the beta test :slight_smile:

The $50 price point is absolutely amazing! I might buy a few extras as Christmas gifts :smiley:

I’ll be ordering mine today!

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I am very interested in these headphones. Can someone tell me the latency to expect?
Will it be APTX-LL (low latency) speeds (around 40ms)?
If I use them with my TV, I like to have the lips in synch with the audio.
Thanks very much!

@jls4wheeler I’m so glad you were in the beta test! We met so many times under different product wishlists :joy:


They support SBC and AAC.


Yes they do! :slight_smile:


I ordered 2 pair anyway, but I can’t quite tell if they’re on ear or over ear. None of the documentation makes that clear.

They are over-the-ear! We’ll add that to our spec page!