Headphone replacement pads

Thanks! I’ll give those a try.

I have tried numerous times to request the size of the ear cups so I can buy them elsewhere, since a customer support agent said they are not in stock, and recommended I do so on ebay.

I have not had any success in contacting Wyze support for this info through chat (3x) email and phone (4x).

Why is support non-existent for this and other issues?

I have made numerous purchases via Wyze and Amazon of numerous products. You would think support would be important, but it seems like all you are doing is introducing more and more products without any support.

How can I get this specific information about the earcup size so I can get replacement cups?

These work:

https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0837GBY8F/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o03_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 13

See my post above for more details and some comments.

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Thanks, not in stock on Amazon but I purchased 90mm pads thru ebay. Hope they work.

I don’t use my headphones much but picked them up the other day and saw that the earpad covers were split open and showing the internal foam. No issues (yet) with the headband. These are 2 years old and likely not used more than 100 hours total.
Replacements (90mm Thick Earmuff Ear Cushion Pads) found at link above provided by @mclark work well for me. I might have gotten last in stock. Note that Wyze pads have oval ear opening but the link is to pads with circular opening. My ear notices the difference but it fits on ok. Pay attention to the ring you pull off the original pads and then reuse with your new pads to get the orientation correct. It has one larger attachment slot and the ring needs to face the right way to ‘click’ into place.


Thank you very much. I did find some 90mm replacement cups on ebay. I appreciate the info re installation.
Thanks again,

I also found some 90mm earpads that fit (pull over edge) but maybe not work as well as the factory pads.
Amazon.com: 90 MM Replacement Ear Pads for ATH,Pioneer,Motorola,JBL,Denon,Panasonic,Sony Headphones (Diameter 90mm) : Electronics

I looked at the pad removal vid prior to the install:

I’m waiting until I get into a noise-cancelling environment before commenting on how well they work for that; Just playback in my house was fine.

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Bought some 3rd party 90mm pads from Amazon… they’re terrible. They’re hard, don’t seal well (so ANC doesn’t work well anymore), don’t fit well, etc. Have spent the last few days telling Wyze support they REALLY need to address this. Either make the pads available, or remove the listing from the site so we can just resign ourselves to throwing away our earphones and buying something else. =(

They cannot even keep parts for the one truly superior product they offer.

I came here today looking for this exact thread. I knew the answer but thought I would check. You have to assume that everything you purchase from Wyze is disposable at this point. I purchased the headphones at launch and despite assurances that they would support them with replacement pads, I don’t think they’ve ever been available. For the few products that they have supported with vital replacement parts, I’ve stocked up a few knowing that they won’t support for very long and will move from whatever you purchased to automatic dog treat dispensers soon and forget about your product. They don’t make anything. It is all rebadged Asia products as they throw enough stuff against the wall hoping someone will buy them out at some point.

a few people have been able to purchase them, but very few seemingly.

I have pushed on support a fair amount and they have said they are escalating this to the appropriate team, but who knows if that’s true. It’s a shame, I really like these headphones, they’re inexpensive, feature rich, and quite comfortable with the correct pads. =/

Here’s hoping Wyze actually listens, What’s infuriating is they clearly HAVE parts. They make more headphones…

If Wyze doe not want to support these headphones, which I understand is a business decision, perhaps they would be willing to share the part number and supplier…

I got these and a link from support on pad removal. I had to remove the old pads from the plastic attachment ring and wiggle and pull a bit to get these on, but the are working pretty well so far.

90mm Replacement Ear Pads… https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07M64D6PM?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share

I bought 3rd party replacement pads, and CANNOT for the life of me get them installed. I removed the ring from the Wyze headphones, but i can’t snap it back in place with the replacement pads, because they wrap over the attachment pieces. I’ve tried watching youtube videos and i’m still having trouble. anyone have any advice?

Strange - the Amazon replacement pads I bought worked for the 3 pairs of headphones we have in our family. I recall hearing the click when the plastic ring was reattached. See the link I posted up above to see if you bought similar replacement pads.

If I recall correctly, one of the clip locations is larger than the others so they will only engage when aligned properly.

Like all of you, I needed to replace an ear pad and I went with this one - https://amzn.to/3Uo9AOs
They looked a little thinner than the ones @mclark shared and thicker than @chazamania pads. But I’m sure most 90mm pads will work.

Below are some photos showing the difference between the original pads vs. my Amazon pads. Note that the elastic sleeve is thin enough that the tabs will still snap in even if the slots are blocked.

See @tony_dercole post with the video on how to remove the pads.

I gave up waiting on Wyze to have them in stock. There are decent replacements on ebay. Shipping from China takes awhile but they fit perfectly.