Spare Wyze Headphones Cushions

Please supply spare Wyze Headphones cushions, Mine are worn out, There could be many like me who need replacement of headphones cushions.


Second this. Would hate to have to purchase a whole new pair just for worn out cushions. Might as well buy a different brand.


there are no instructions how to remove the pads to install a replacement. how do these come off? i bought similar size showing those would work but how in the world do you remove the old ones?

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Totally agree. It flies in the face of sustainability to not have them available - even thought there is a YouTube video on how to replace them from the co-founder himself !!

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Headphone ear piece cover coming off

After perhaps a year, one side earpiece foam cover has split away from a seam. My headphones are always next to my recliner, I’ve short hair, no earring am only one to wear it. Some months ago I noticed the separation begin. I did not think it would spread. I could not figure a way to glue it back to material it separated from. Perhaps a month later it was most the way separated all the way around. I now figure as long as it can be used as I am I might yet hope it does not pull apart and be unusable. Disappointed.

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Having no response from support, I cross stitched headphone cushions with a black nylon thread. It worked.

These are now available.


Nice! Ordered a pair just in case.