Replacement ear pads for Wyze Headphones

All I’m finding are posts where Wyze says they plan to offer replacement ear pads shortly after launch. I do not see ANY replacement ear pads available from Wyze or anyone else.

What I want are velour or other cloth covers as these are HOT in the summer. I’m open to just a cover that slips on them, in fact that might be perfect as I could slip them off and wash them.



Wyze said they plan to offer them, but they haven’t announced when.

It’s been two years now and no war cushion replacements. Has anyone tried generic cushions from Amazon or other places? Do they fit?

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Yes. Nice and all but they have been out of stock forever.
When are we getting more available? Any other compatible out there? Any way to get favric ones that withstand sweat while working out?
Always out of stock!