Fabric Replacement Ear Pads for Headphones

I know @WyzeGwendolyn said the ear pads on the headphones will be replaceable. Any chance Wyze will offer a breathable mesh fabric option similar to what Apple just introduced in their ($549!) AirPods Max?

I have the Wyze Headphones and I love them, but I wish the ear pads were a little more dense. The foam is soft and after an extended time wearing them they lose their support and start to cause some discomfort (especially to a person who wears glasses.)

I found an article (https://wyzelabs.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360050327251-Are-the-headphones-ear-cushions-replaceable-) that states the cushions will be replaceable and I was hoping that you might offer replacement cushions with better/firmer foam in the future.

I’m comparing these cushions to two other headsets that I use that are extremely comfortable for wearers of glasses, and use them for extended periods – HyperX Cloud gaming headset, and Sony Professional MDR-7506 Studio Monitors.

If these Wyze Headphones had slightly better headphone cushions, these would be even more amazing than they already are.

(also I kind of wish they supported AptX low latency)

I would like them better as I listen through Wyze headphones, but wearing digital hearing aides as my roomie will be listening to TV or iPad and I listen to what I want wearing headphones over the aides!

I support this. These headphones are perfect for yard work. The noise cancellation is fantastic for mowers, strimmers, leaf-blowers etc. but they get REALLY sweaty after a while. Fabric would be a welcome option.