Fabric Replacement Ear Pads for Headphones

I know @UserCustomerGwen said the ear pads on the headphones will be replaceable. Any chance Wyze will offer a breathable mesh fabric option similar to what Apple just introduced in their ($549!) AirPods Max?

I have the Wyze Headphones and I love them, but I wish the ear pads were a little more dense. The foam is soft and after an extended time wearing them they lose their support and start to cause some discomfort (especially to a person who wears glasses.)

I found an article (https://wyzelabs.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360050327251-Are-the-headphones-ear-cushions-replaceable-) that states the cushions will be replaceable and I was hoping that you might offer replacement cushions with better/firmer foam in the future.

I’m comparing these cushions to two other headsets that I use that are extremely comfortable for wearers of glasses, and use them for extended periods – HyperX Cloud gaming headset, and Sony Professional MDR-7506 Studio Monitors.

If these Wyze Headphones had slightly better headphone cushions, these would be even more amazing than they already are.

(also I kind of wish they supported AptX low latency)

I would like them better as I listen through Wyze headphones, but wearing digital hearing aides as my roomie will be listening to TV or iPad and I listen to what I want wearing headphones over the aides!

I support this. These headphones are perfect for yard work. The noise cancellation is fantastic for mowers, strimmers, leaf-blowers etc. but they get REALLY sweaty after a while. Fabric would be a welcome option.

Why are these always out of stock?
How good is it if the headphones are good quality and great features when the pads are falling into pieces?

Got a reply from Support.
Basically useless answer as they are still Out of Stock and they don’t know when they will be back.
Have seen this in the past from other companies, to me it means they won’t.
Otherwise they would tell us when…
My 2 cents: buy a generic replacement from Amzn and good luck!