Replacement Headphones Ear Pads

Does anyone know if anyone makes a replacement ear pads for the Wyze Headphones? For the most part I think the headphones are pretty darn good especially at this price point. The only problem I have is that the ear cushions get very hot. After listening for about 45 minutes they make me sweat and really get hot. I would love to replace them with either a velour type or real genuine soft leather ear pads.

Any suggestions would be really appreciated!


Wyze plans to sell them. Second search hit for “pads”:

Well if that’s the case I hope they make them available in different materials.

When are we getting earpds replacements in stock?

Wyze… I have recommended your headsets to many people, I have purchased from you and from amazon. Gifted them to my nephews.

But here is the thing… how can we replace the earpads when none in stock?

I was just talking to a friend about this how can we support a company that never has stock and always wants you to buy new stuff.
The other part that bothers me about Wyze is they don’t have ANY single standard for stuff It all mostly works but it’s not “integrated”
Spent 99 $ on headphone I can’t get new replacement ear pads for always out of stock Wyze Headphone Replacement Part Kit – Wyze Labs, Inc.

I bought these from Amazon and they fit pretty much perfectly and were easy to install:

I did the replacement in April 2024. Sharing the intel b/c these headphones are too good to trash just because the earpads fell apart (which is pretty lame, i might say).

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New headphones are now in stock, but replacement pads are still sold out? If you put pads on the new one you have pads available to sell to everyone complaining about them being out of stock for over a year. Just ship a new pair of headphones with pads at the replacement pads price if this concept is too hard to understand.