Thanks Wyze for working on... Headphones! Wait, what?

Wyze Headphones with Active Noise Canceling (surprise!)
We don’t have a ton to share about this now, but we’ll just go ahead and confirm the rumor floating around the Wyze communities. Wyze headphones are in the works with a team of ex-Dolby engineers. The product is moving very quickly, already in alpha testing and looking really good.

Seriously? Headphones?

You guys need to stop with these things, nobody wants headphones that 1000 other companies can make! Who cares if the people working on it are former Dolby people.

Concentrate on what got you started, and that is CAMS.

The outdoor cam was a HUGE blunder.

Work should have already been started on a V3 and a outdoor V3 version as well years ago.

Use the former Dolby people to improve the audio quality of all cams!


Yes. I am beginning to think we are wasting our breath.







I think that’s just the age. Your post is also marked as one hour old at the moment.

Personally I always download images before uploading them. I didn’t know the forum software does it for you. :slight_smile:

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Breaking: Spy photo released from inside Wyze Product Development Division.


From a fruitless image search for space heater headphones.

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I wouldn’t dismiss the headphones until I see what they can do.

Maybe WiFi connectivity … connect and listen to my camera’s audio ?

Hopefully something different than the many other headphones out there.


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what makes people think they can dictate what the company should be doing or working on…smh

if Wyze wants to develop a smart toothbrush, then so be it, don’t like it, don’t buy it…just that simple


I think this is interesting. I’m actually looking forward to this. I’ve been holding out to buy a good pair of studio headphones, and the fact that former Dolby people are working on this. This may actually be a good product.
I’d love to beta test even.

Also I don’t think they ca improve Cam audio because it’s based on the speakers. A new Cam would likely improve the audio…

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not sure what your SS is suppose to tell me…what does it matter how many employees there are? Wyze chooses what they want to develop & work on.

btw, the email from Wyze yesterday states they have over 100 employees :stuck_out_tongue:


Well yeah. That is what we are talking about here. Wyze does what it wishes in an attempt to earn money. We customers in the peanut gallery air our grievances and make suggestions in order to make efficient use of our money. Absolutely no one is under the delusion or has the impertinence to believe they are “dictating” a single thing to the company.

Just got my Echo earbuds …working like a charm…and I just love them !

Hope one day they have the ability to change the wake word to “Amazon,” “Echo,” or “Computer.” it’s set to Alexa only.

Had to change our Echo dots wake word because if I’m wearing the buds and walking throughout the house it wakes up the Echos … LOL


an attempt to dictate…

this kind of response has been thrown out there many times, but who says Wyze began a company to sell wifi cameras then decided to branch out to other smart home products? Maybe their vision was for several smart home products but just started w/ the cams. People need to get over it already.

I for one am glad Wyze is developing many products besides cams that appeal to me. I have ditched several products of other brands in favor for the Wyze ecosysytem, and I hope it never stops.


Okay, I just took it as a strongly stated opinion. :slight_smile:

What Wyze does, and does well is locating holes in the marketplace for affordable and decently featured products. If they can produce a product at a disruptive price, then Bingo! you have a potential Wyze product.

  • Wifi Cams: Most were $100+ or complete crap at a little less…Enter Wyze Cam.
  • Smart Locks: Nearly every non wyze smart lock is $150+
  • Smart Scales: Even cheap non smart scales are $20+ and smart options start at $100
  • Wireless Headphones with ANC - Very little on the “non random chinese brand market” for less than $100 with most popular options $200-$300.

I can see good potential here.


Well, you’re not wrong.

Let’s let the market decide – like it always does.