Thanks Wyze for working on... Headphones! Wait, what?

An inexpensive quick sale without reliability and good customer support inevitability leads to a downward spiral. Sooner or later you run out of gimmicky products to sell. I’d love to see them succeed but if they’re serious they need to get a handle on “things”.


While i won’t disagree to your points, I don’t see them as terribly applicable to Wyze at this point. They are producing products with really good feature sets at prices that rival no-name brand, basically disposable competition. While not perfect, the reliability and support is pretty good, far better than anything at similar price points. I’d love to see a comparison to the support experience people have with their Vincture or Goowls wifi cam they got from amazon.


I agree that’s it’s nice to expand the product base. I just wish they would fix the existing problems before doing so.

I for one am getting sick of wyze’s products. And they are fast loosing me as a customer.

WYZE please use a few of your new employees to fix what is broke. Not to release new products.

YES WYZE, here’s your business plan going forward. Stick to only those products that can be found on Batman’s utility belt. Seriously, I could use a good pair of working noise cancelling headphones (for $20) that would work on a plane, or Sunday when all my neigbhors are cutting their grass, using a chipper shredder, or the raceway park is rehearsing their 11,000hp top fuel dragsters. To all other wankers here. The wyze cam was not so much innovative, there were hundreds available, include the Wyze version ripped from a Chinese brand. The innovation was better software at a crazy low price.

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So you’ve just described exactly why it’s a bad fit. Headphones are mostly hardware. Unlike the camera, or the scale, or the band, or the sensors, there is little value Wyze can add over the original overseas hardware design engineering for the headphones. But yes, one hopes they will be cheap.

Wyze, like every other company, needs to focus on staying in business, and that’s exactly what they’re doing. One of the most profitable products to sell today are headphones. That’s one of the reasons why Apple went into this segment, and you can clearly see how that has helped boost their bottom line. Most stores can’t keep AirPods in stock they sell out so quickly. Having said that - making a poor sounding pair of headphones for 20 bucks isn’t going to help anyone. They first need to sound great - or they will become the next Wyze joke. Having ex-Dolby engineers means nothing. That’s just for marketing. In the end it will all be about how good they sound, and how comfortable they feel while wearing them. I hope they are successful in their venture. They can make a lot of money doing this, and then as the company grows they can help strengthen other parts of the company that need help, like better customer service and better designed cams, etc.


I think headphones would be cool! It is called having a diversified product line and is only common sense to have a variety of products.

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Apple is an entirely different story though. That is 85% brand snobbery / status symbol, 10% form factor first mover, and 5% audio quality.


That only tells us that you can’t afford them and haven’t ever listened to them.

All the more reason for Wyze to enter the headphone market.


It is difficult for apple boys to understand but many people do not like apple products simply because they are inferior in many ways to other brands. I personally dislike them, I use them at work and find my android products far superior in many ways. Feel free to take offense now :slight_smile:


Not a Apple boy. Not a android boy either. However, I have been to this rodeo before, and every time android boys always seem to define words like "inferior’ and ‘superior’ in imaginative ways that dictionaries do not. I am happy that you are happy with whatever product(s) you use at work. I’m sure that those who use Apple products are too. Vote with your wallet.

I used Apple as an example above because they have one of the best selling and most copied earbuds on the market. The numbers don’t lie, and if Wyze can get some of that market, then it’s a good business decision for them.


Eve bit the Apple and look what happen. Lol

lol, maybe one day the rest of us can afford apple earbuds, private jets and islands like yourself and be in the super exclusive club. Until then, the likes of yourself and the other elite can look down on those that own lesser earbuds.

Not knowing your official title, I will refer to you as Sir mytechguy or possibly Madam mytechguy. Thank you for clearing up the confusion on why those below you would be interested in anything other than the holy apple. thank you Madam mytechguy for clearing up the confusion. lol.


You seem to be good at assuming things mrphotoman. I do not own Apple AirPods, a private jet *sigh^ or any of the other things you mentioned. If you needed to be rich just to own a simple pair of AirPods then the 16 - 30 year old demographic must be doing a lot of flying in their private jets :wink: Fact is a new study showed that 57% of consumers plan to buy Apple AirPods (again, that’s why I mentioned them originally above, and why it’s good that Wyze is making headphones). That 57% is almost twice the number that would buy samsung earpods. Even Bose scored higher than samsung.

BTW the Bose earpods for android cost $250. That’s more than what Apple AirPods sell for, so apparently there are also plenty of android users who own private jets and islands too :smile:

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I am looking forward to what wyse can come up with on headphones, I would assume something innovative and high quality for a great price which is something apple has never been able to achieve. Wyze seems to focus on great products for a great price, the exact opposite of what apple does lol!

go wyze go!

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What a monumentally stupid thing to write to a stranger.


Isn’t that the truth lol.

There’s a highly rated UltraHD 4K POE Camera on Amazon that works outdoors because it’s IP67 weatherproof, has 164ft NightVision, a 2.8mm Lens, and can save to a 128GB MicroSD, the cloud, a computer, and so on. It even comes in black and white. It “only” costs about $110 and is essentially what most customers assumed the Wyze Outdoor Cam would be. That’s a relatively good deal considering the total cost for the Wyze Cam Outdoor starter pack plus shipping and handling. It does make the base station and inability to record 24/7 on the Wyze Cam Outdoor as controversial as the notch on Apple’s new iPhone. I think a lot of people would pay more for a Wyze cam if it had all those features. If Wyze can somehow produce a $110 cam at a more competitive price point, I think many will consider it a course correction and support its detours into a variety of other non-cam products. The Wyze Outdoor Cam is merely their Windows Vista moment after coming up with a game-changing Windows XP. They can still later come up with Windows 7 and Windows 10 if they don’t release another Windows 8-like 1080p camera for awhile because it lacks the game-changing wow factor of the original. But a Wyze 4K would silence the disappointed naysayers who stay the course, even if simply because they’re already in the Wyze ecosystem and don’t want to manage a whole new one or multiple ones.


One of the best posts I have read on here. Thank you.

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I live my very simplistic very comfortable Alien Candy earbuds for 12yrs now. If Wyze can make them or this caliber I’d buy 3 sets right away.

They have adaptive silicone ear sizes, lifetime warranty and come in great colors and sound good enough to me during all the uses I find.

I don’t need a showpiece, I need volume up and down and mute that’s comfortable and won’t get me mugged for headphones.

Bring it Wyze. I’m waiting.

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