New ETA for Wyze Cam V3 Shipment

Expected to Ship By December not november

And they said they will respect people who ordered when it said November but everyone else is now December.


Shipping is december for the V3 . They have to first get FCC approval then ensure it works with the new hub.
They just got FCC approval for an upgraded Plug to work with the hub. I assume the Bulb will be upgraded soon and the Senors as announced.

They still awaiting FCC approval for the thermostat.
All devices must connect thru the hub that is the only way the Home Security System can work and they said it during the AMA.
The video doorbell and Chime I assume will be redesigned.

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New hub? Well this is new to me and i haven’t seen a new hub. Damn.


This is what is holding up the works. I expect the vacuum , the sprinkler, the Pan Cam V2 and of course the Lock will all connect to the Hub.
Look out for the Hub by end of November.

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Glad the cams are only $20 bucks. Ordered 2 of the V2’s, and the very next day the V3’s came out, I was somewhat disappointed to see that. But I guess I’ll use them where the V2’s lessor features won’t matter as much.


FCC approval for thermostat obtained last month.
Still awaiting V3 FCC approval.
Guess it’s in the works since shipment is later this month.
Only new Hub to be announced.

Wyze finally got FCC approval for V3. Shipment must be enroute to US.


Hopefully they ship soon as email did say November shipment.

They started shipping orders today actually


Nothing to indicate that in my email for my 2 orders :frowning: … yet.

Cheers, Jon

Takes time to ship thousands of orders.

Additionally Wyze contracts a third party for warehousing/shipping so same company is also managing other orders on the day to day.

They publicly estimated it’ll take two to three weeks to pack/ship all headphone preorders. (Apples and Oranges, but its a good gauge)

The tracking email doesnt go out until the package is loaded, but it’ll show as pick/pack or processing in your account if its being prepped.

My V3 Fedex shipment started movement on Nov 20 [Greenwood, IN], at local Fedex Warehouse Nov 22, loaded on Fedex vehicle for delivery next business day.

Delivered, Sunday Nov 22.


Nice of them to not say anything when asked. They said November. It’s the end of November. They didn’t ship it.

And if this is true, why have people been getting them since the first week of November?

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These were from the beta testing samples

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Shipping started on the 18th of November.

anything before that was beta units or contest winners.

While I agree they could be more communicative and that would solve 99% of the complaints, I also think people have an unhealthy expectation of how shipping works. Amazon has taught society they can have whatever they want in two days, and it doesn’t always work out that way.

I ordered mine today and it says that they are expected in January but it was December 2 days ago. Hope they can do it quicker than that.

I was gonna order the v3 just now, but I don’t wanna wait till Jan 31st (thats what the ship date says on the site)