Wyze Cam v3 shipping *hype*

It is happening!!!

Edit: Added second pic
Edit2: Updated with new delivery date pic! Mine are arriving Sunday!!

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Same here!

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Mine too! Granted it’s with FedEx smart post so who knows when it will actually arrive lol

Same! I hope this date is accurate!


How lucky. Did you guys order the V3 as soon as it became available for preorder? Mine still hasn’t shipped out.

Sure did, literally moments after it was announced! Lol.
Probably should have ordered more than just one!

Gah! My coworker’s, who ordered 12 minutes before me on launch day, has shipped. Mine, not so much. :frowning:

Mine shipped yesterday. Tracking says Monday delivery, but I often get stuff earlier from Fedex Smartpost.

Wow, I have the exact opposite with Fedex Smartpost. They take forever for me. Currently mine says Dec 1st. The last few things I had coming through that service ended up changing the date to later that it originally said.

I think it probably depends on the different regional mail distribution centers. I live in a rural area around mountains, but the two really large USPS mail distribution centers most of our mail comes through is just under an hour south of us near NY City, so the trucks drive right up this way on their way north.

Actually, I just checked tracking again and it changed from Monday the 23rd to this Saturday 21st

I’m still getting this message. Same thing happened to me with the outdoor cam. Both times got the shipping info but didnt actually ship yet.

I made a mistake when I said mine was Fedex Smart post. Mine was shipped via 1st class mail. Maybe because I only ordered one so it’s a really small package?

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Glad to see that they are getting out the door. Mine (ordered on day one, but not the first hour) has not shipped yet :frowning:

I just got mine today! It was listed as late yesterday. Now just waiting on 2 more!

Your V3 got delivered already?


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Just checked the tracking again, now it’s showing the 23rd! But don’t worry, it’s still arriving “on time”. LOL!


For the record, I don’t blame Wyze for the USPS tracking flubs

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I have multiple orders from end of October, There are sitting in “ordered” status. How can one tell if this a November or December delivery?

my excited has faded a bit, still sitting in the “label created” status since yesterday morning

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