Shipping status

Figured I’d start a thread to track where they are in their shipping que. Mine is order #87158 (February 20, 2018) and not shipped yet.

Anyone get their shipping notification? What order number and when did you order?

Methinks you have too much time on your hands…

FYI. In the past Wyze has used UPS Smart Post which is a slower shipping method than most. It uses UPS trucks & planes to transport from city to city, but then UPS hands off to USPS who then does the final delivery. Depending on your city, this can be a smooth process or add 2-3 days to the transit time. Louisville = Fast (UPS hub there), Indianapolis or Memphis = Fast (USPS sort hubs (aka FedEx), but when I lived in rural areas, Smart Post was irritating at best.

Ha ha, far from it. Have been through this before with other companies and thought this may help others who may be anxiously waiting for their order to get a better idea of when to expect it.


Ordered: February 15, 2018

Status: Shipped Today! April 4, 2018


Ordered: March 15, 2018

Status: Processing



Order 82xxx shipped today, ordered on Feb 19

Looks like mine are on the way. Can’t wait to try them out

Order 854xx shipped today, ordered on Feb 19.

I do not get it yet. 10:00 am CT

I ordered on 2/19 and received an email today saying the order was completed but it did not have a tracking number with it. I assume that means it has not shipped yet. I was order number 82600.



I purchased on 2/19, order number 85369.

Same problem as everyone else, I can’t see my order info under My Account.

I have not received any shipping notices yet. Hoping I see something soon.

Ordered the 25th. Shipped today.

I had the same problem so back on 3/16 I sent an email to and included my name, order # and date, and they associated my V2 order with my online account. I can now see it under the My Account / Orders tab.

(that reply was meant for travis)

So my order #87158 from February 20 just shipped! Can’t wait to try these out

Hang in there guys! We’re progressively shipping your orders this week. Here’s some photos from our warehouse.

Awesome! Fyi … I pre-ordered five of them on 2/15 and one “nest” on 4/1 and am tracking both shipments. Just received USPS email notification that the nest camera will be delivered today by 8 pm MDT. Do I win a prize if I’m the first? ?

In the next to last picture it shows at least 2 boxes that have the shipping arrows pointing down, which means the boxes have been shipped up-side-down. But not to worry, I am sure the WyzeCAM rotate 180° feature will correct the display.

The cameras that ship all right-side-up cost $5 more.

Or the same price. Nobody knows. :wink:

Shipped yesterday on back of donkey. Delivery date projected by UPS…6 days out

They were shipping right side up. We were shifting some boxes and some were placed upside down after they were in the warehouse. That’s also the beauty of Wyze Cam, it works in all direction! :wink:

Ooops, sorry for the wait!

Maybe UPS can strap jetpacks on those donkeys…