Shipping status

You may live in an area where the UPS –> USPS SmartPost handoff is slower than most. My April 1st “nest” V2 camera was shipped on Monday and will arrive today. My V2 pre-order on 2/15 of 5 cameras was also shipped on Monday and will arrive either today or tomorrow.


I want to see pictures of your nest!! Maybe a photo story about the arrival? =D

According to my email. Mine was shipped on the fourth. But a check on the USPS site says that they are still waiting on the package to be delivered to them.


My “nest” camera (ordered 4/1) has complete USPS tracking and reports that it will be delivered this evening by 8 pm MDT. Like you, however, the USPS tracking info for my V2 pre-order on 2/15 reports “USPS Currently Awaiting Package”. Means that your (and my) V2 order that UPS shipped on 4/4 hasn’t reached the local post office yet. It can be a bit unpredictable with UPS SurePost (and FedEx SmartPost) because of the handoff …

These be the woes of UPS SmartPost . UPS will transport the package from source to destination city, but then hand off to USPS to deliver. It makes sense in a resource allocation study, but it isn’t efficient from a consumer wants his/her sh** perspective.

Hi Mary, you asked for it … my April Fools wyze-surprise has arrived. I really DID get a nest! Since this V2 camera will be a baby monitor (1-year old grandson), and we’re babysitting today, here are before & after unboxing pictures (taken with V1 camera) of what just showed up in our mailbox … posing in front of numerous toys of course, incl. a rather disheveled Mr. Potato Head. ?

Oooooh thank you for the pictures!! I also love that you took them with your v1, it’s like that v1 was also welcoming a little baby v2 into your home! Have fun babysitting too!!

I should have mentioned that they have to go from WA to OH.

I didn’t realize until now that I could enter that long tracking number on both the UPS and the USPS websites. I just entered it for my V2 order on the UPS site for the first time and got detailed info for the UPS segment of the journey (prior to USPS handoff). As it turns out, a service called UPS Mail Innovations (Expedited) is being used, not UPS SurePost, so I was mistaken about that. Note that I received the “nest” camera yesterday (4/5), but it looks like my V2 pre-order won’t be delivered until next Mon (4/9).

Order # 104### ordered 3/1/18

Still processing

I didn’t know that either. I went to the UPS website and I did find some information. It shows a delivery date of April 9. Patience is apparently not my strongest virtue.

Just had a friend who ordered his on 2/23 get his shipping notification

Yes we use UPS MI, which means UPS carries the package from us to your local post office who then finishes the delivery.

A majority of the time this is a pretty seamless service but as with any carrier or combination service, there are faults for sure. I most often see delays happen once the package has been handed off to USPS.

I deal with delayed/lost packages every day here so I feel like it is a lot but in comparison to how many are getting shipped, the issue shipments with UPS MI are a pretty small fraction.

STRANGE !!! I did receive my shipping notice on April 3ed. The UPS site says expected delivery is April 9th. Just checked my WYZE account status. It now says my order is on HOLD. What the heck WYZE ???

Here’s the deal…

I ordered on March 2nd. I knew there would be some delay as I ordered in the PREORDER stage. I recieved several emails about shipping updates, and then production issues, and then yet more emails about shipping dates. Offers to cancel were stated multiple times as they didnt want to have a large amount of upset customers.

Well guess what?..

I knew what I was getting into, I knew that there would be a wait, I knew there could be delays or problems. I decided to wait it out. I believe in so many things that Wyze Cam preaches and practices.

Their goal is to make money. First and foremost, They are a company and they wouldnt be in the game without the hope of making it big… Yet no matter the hurdles they have come up against, they have played the game wonderfully and professionally.

  • A product that I may not just need... but WANT
  • Incredible and competitive pricing
  • Constant and open contact with their customers
  • A feeling that the behind the scenes are chaotic and passion filled, all in order to fulfill their customers orders and questions
  • A free make good gift to those who trusted them and waded through the days to get their product.

So many of you, strike that, US, have been understanding, but to those very few who have decided that the extra week or two or even three is too much to bare… I’m sorry. I’m sorry that you havent been able to appreicate what this company had done, the customer service they have provided, or the hours upon hours that I imagine are going on behind the scenes to make as many people happy as possible.

I am crazy excited to recieve my package, and I hope Wyze Cam realizes that so many of us are just as excited and have so much appreication and trust.



Mine is on it’s way and if this thing is everything everyone has said I’ll be ordering more.

My 2/19 order arrived today.

Mine came todayas well. Ordered 2/15. Still sitting in box. Sun’s out!

Thanks for the initialism (MI) in your first paragraph. On I saw “EACHBIT TRADE LLC / UPS - MI” within the tracking info and thought my V2’s had been routed to Michigan (I live in Colorado). ?