It’s the last day of February....

Anyone that ordered prior to Feb 20th receive a shipping notification yet?


ordered two on February 19 no notification yet …

Ordered 5 on 2/15 and no shipping notification yet, nor anything at all under the “Orders” tab in my Account (is there supposed to be, if not then what’s the purpose of the tab?). I DID receive an email immediately after purchase … “Your WyzeCam order receipt from February 15, 2018”

Ordered four on 2/15. No shipping notification yet.

I do have a copy of my order and order number under my orders tab in my account and it says status “processing”

Ok. Sounds like we are all in the same boat. I ordered a couple and immediately was charged but nothing back since then. Units bought pre 2/20 were to be shipped and users notified “last week in February”…


Hopefully someone will update users as to status soon.



I have a theory as why nothing appears under the Orders tab for me and a couple of others who’ve made the same observation … on 2/15 I received an email from Wyze with the subject “Wyze Cam v2 early access (only for you!)”. It included a link to the pre-order page, which I used to order my five V2 cameras. Very likely I did so while not even logged in to my account (I can’t remember). Thoughts anyone (incl. the Wyze team)?

I put in a case two weeks ago on this same thing and received a reply they are aware of this issue and at this time, no way to associate an order to a user account…but “working on it”.

Ah, thanks for letting me know that. I’d feel much better if I actually saw the order in my account, but as long as I receive the cameras I’ll be happy, unless an account association would be required for a potential return or something. Anyway, thanks for the reply.

I’ve sent them an email for order status and didn’t get any kind of response. I’m not getting a good feeling about this company.

I used the “special email link” and ordered a couple on the first day. My order is still processing. I am not worried. No one delivers on the date they first say they will when it comes to tech stuff.

I don’t care… (feb. 15)…


Below is a copy of an emal I received a while after placing my order on Feb 19. To be honest at this point I am concerned that I will NEVER receive my order and they have billed by card.

did they not anticipate a flood of orders and where they not prepared? Here is the email…

Apologies for the delay, and thank you for reaching out to us! As noted on our website, our Wyze Cam v2 isn’t out yet, we are currently taking pre-orders on it. This is why the message on your order may say ‘back-order’. We are planning to start shipping the v2 starting next week, and the week of March 5th. You will receive a shipping confirmation email once yours has shipped. We do charge cards at the time of the order, and not at the time of shipment because our system does not store credit card or account information. Thank you and let me know if you have any further questions


After reading the above what what do you think ?.

I wouldn’t be worried at all. They said from the start that orders would begin shipping “the last week of February”… which means they are not late… yet.

I placed my order on Feb 15th and am expecting to see them in the next couple of weeks.

WyzeCam has far exceeded my expectations with product and customer support since getting my V1’s… I don’t expect anything to change here.

Uhhhh, as far as I can tell it’s March…

with all of the “ noise” on the forum about orders, do you not think a email to people who bought the new cam and their orders are not shipped deserve an email/explanation?

You’re absolutely right… today is Thursday, March 1st… the last week of February began just four days ago… and last I checked there are seven days in a week.

If they don’t begin shipping by the end of this week, then we can agree that they are behind.


A few random posts on a low traffic forum does not warrant any explanation, in my opinion. Until they get a lot of backlash on social media (where far more of their customers are), I think they are doing just fine.


I’m not worried about not receiving the item. I’m concerned about wyzecam and their customer service.

  1. no communication on shipping date
  2. no response to my support ticket
If they are unresponsive now, how will they be when there are problems with the product?

There’s a video put out today by one of the founders referring to moving the office. In it he talks about the founding of the company, why he’s so busy, his beautiful family, and how they’re out of stock but expecting some in the next couple of weeks. As long as it gets here before the hummingbirds/ other feeders, or after, I’m good. I can repurpose one of my 2 V1’s. I haven’t upgraded their software so they still work…

Just received a reply from wyzecam:

“It has been a few days since you have reached out to us, we are sorry about that! We have had a higher volume of emails than usual and it is currently taking us longer to respond. Thank you for your patience. We will get to you as soon as possible!”

Hi Wyze Community, we’re sorry for the delay. Here’s a letter from our CEO: