Order Status

On March 4, 2018 I placed order number 108014.

My credit card was immediately charged for my order.

As of today I have not received my order or any tracking/shipping information.

Can you please tell me the status of my order and anticipated ship date?

Thank you.


Right now we are still on pre-order for the Wyze Cam v2, and are still looking at 4-6 weeks before shipment. Our system does charge upfront for the order, not when the order ships. If this doesn’t work for you or you need to cancel the order, please shoot an email to support@wyzecam.com and we would be happy to help!


Hi there - still on a 4-6 week delay? When I ordered on March 2, I’m pretty sure it said 4-6 weeks.

Order number 106013.

Yup we are still quoting 4-6 weeks right now but hope to have a better update soon! Keep an eye out on your email because we’re sending out weekly updates regarding the pre-order status. Thanks!

Thanks, is this 4-6 weeks from order date, or 4-6 weeks from current date (for all orders, regardless of when placed)?

Fingers crossed for the former, of course :slight_smile:

More than likely the latter since I ordered my 5 V2’s on 2/15 … doubt that I’ll receive them in the next week or two … @SunWyze, please correct me if I’m mistaken!

I ordered two more on 23 Feb and was told they would ship the first week of March. Then when I checked during the first week of March a new message said four to six weeks. I’m afraid you may be correct about it being four to six weeks from today. :confused:



I have my Order 136118 - Can you advise when it ship ? My card got charged right away

It is processing for shipment and will be shipping today. There is often a delay from when an order is shipped and when our system updates and sends out a tracking number. Keep an eye on your email!

Hello, can you please check on my order status?

Order number 137418

According to the tracking I found, it is out for delivery today! (It is estimated to be delivered by tomorrow so it is running a day early!)

Hello, Can you please check my order status?

Ordered on Apr 23rd. Order #136535

Order #147590 (May 9, 2018)

Hello, I have not received any update on my order, and I have emailed customer support twice over the last 48 hours with no reply (Support Ticket #48792).


Sorry I didn’t see this! Have you gotten your package?

Sorry for the delay! We’re running a few days behind on email. I saw that Chuck sent you a reply to your ticket today, did you receive that email?

Thankyou for your response, I got the email from him with tracking info and it was shipped last week and should arrive today or tomorrow.

Thanks, love your product!

Looking for an update on my order 172380

Can I get an estmated ship date or a status? Would like to know ow when I can expect my Wyze Cam Pan. Order #179569

Could you please provide a status on Order # 196097?

I don’t see the order under my profile but I have email confirming the order.

Hello All …

I placed on order for 3 V2 Cams and 1 PanCam on Amazon on 26th June 2018 …delivered in 3 days on 28th June.

Again for a V2 Cam on 1st July , Delivered 6th July .

All orders on Amazon !!