Order stuck "processing" for over a week

How long does it typically take Waze to ship an order? I want to be patient since I’ve worked for a small company that brought a product to market and understand… but I also want my new toys!

I placed order 003147307 on 6/26. My main concern is I also preordered the outdoor cans which are not shipping until August. I want to be sure the system isnt mistakenly holding the entire order (although it did give two separate order numbers).

Thank you,

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It shouldn’t take more then a week or two. There has been some shipping delays though.

Has Wyze sent you an email with a tracking number and/or a tracking link? usually they will send it before they ship your order.

The non early access order shouldn’t be delayed.
If your order doesn’t come by the end of this week or if you want, I’d try calling Wyze. You can get a faster response then when you open an online ticket. Wyze support tel:+1-844-999-3226