Wyze Cam V2 Update on shipping

I was wondering if anyone know a updated timeline on the shipping of the Wyze Cam V2? The site has been saying 4- 6 weeks for quite some time now.

From the email

“I can now confirm that the first batch of inventory will ship on 4/2. Again, all the orders placed on or before 3/1 are expected to ship before 4/16.”

Orders placed before 3/1 are expected to ship between 4/2-4/16. Orders between 3/2-3/23 are expected to ship between 4/16-4/20. All new orders expect to ship after 4/20.


I wonder if they’ll consider upgrading the shipping speed for those of us who have been waiting 6-8 weeks for our multi-unit orders?

I doubt it. They probably get (I hope) bulk pricing for shipping and its likely already a higher speed. I’d rather seem them keep the money it would cost to go to a faster shipping and put that back into the business. At the price they are selling it is already likely that the extension cable they are including is going to hurt their bottom line.

I agree. If I wanted them faster I’d order something else at a higher price on Amazon. I don’t even expect the longer cable but I’m always cool with a freebie.

It’s 4/2 so now what? I’m assuming a ship notice will be sent when it ships?

I would assume so. The updates all indicated that the orders would obviously ship in the order they were received starting today with any order from before 3/1 to ship by 4/16.

Yes! We are starting to process orders today, when yours ships you will get a shipping confirmation email to the email address you used when you placed the order.

We ship the orders in the sequence the orders were placed, and expect to get all orders that were placed before 3/1 out by 4/16.

Mine shipped today !!!

When will Wyze Labs be shipping to Canada?

FYI - Placed my order on 2/20 for 2 units, it shipped yesterday (4/4). Looks like it will be delivered tomorrow based on tracking info.