Competition -- YoLink

Wyze needs to step-up its game. YoLink has a new speaker hub that allows you to customize your notifications with sound files, recorded voices, etc.

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Wow… Does Wyze have “Customer Experience Managers”? Novel concept. Guess the competition isn’t just in the hardware.

I ordered one of the speaker hubs a few days ago. Waiting for delivery and anxious to do some testing.



I was just perusing their outdoor motion sensors and outdoor alarm controller \ siren \ relays. Lots of stuff Wyze hasn’t developed yet.

I have several products: outdoor motion, indoor motion, light switches, temperature sensors. I have one of the BullDog valve robots coming plus the speaker hub. @Sam_Bam introduced me to YoLink and I needed the long range. Have many products in my shop which is about 300 ft. from the house. Work great.


Thanks for the plug, @WildBill. I too have a lot of their stuff. I’ve even given some kits for Christmas presents. And they love them.

And they are soon to release a camera. No details yet, but I am excited and will get one as soon as they are available. Yes, Wyze-like, I understand.

They have a Social Media person that personally reaches out to make sure you are pleased with the products, and gives you a heads up when new products are released.


According to the website, latest estimate for the camera is Q4 this year. Curious to see what they put out.